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Checksum Control

プログラムを確認し、checksumfiles を記述します。Sfv チェックといくつかのエキゾチックな MD5 ファイル種類 MD5 をサポートしています。非常に使いやすい、ウィザード インターフェイスを使用します。

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Betriebssystem: Linux
Programmiersprache: Pascal
Benutzerschnittstelle: Gnome, KDE
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ウィンドウ オブジェクトは Win32 と GTK の下でフリーのパスカル コンパイラでウィンドウ表示のプログラミングのためのライブラリです。ライブラリにはリソース デザイナー (IDE) が含まれます。

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BF-Commander is graphical file manager for Linux. It
should work well with any window manager without the
need for any additional libraries.

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Letztes Update: 2003-04-11 15:26

MySQL DBXpress Driver

MySQL DBXpress Driver is a MySQL driver for the Borland DBXpress
architecture. It is based on the original source released by Borland
as part of FreeCLX.

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BugOS is a microkernel operating system. It has a kernel, device drivers, a file system, and an Internet module. The main concepts are that every process has its own computer with its own console, security, and modularization. If a process wants to read the file, it asks the kernel. The kernel forwards the request to the filesystem driver, which reads and writes through the partition handler, which operates over the idehdd driver. The kernel is around 20 KB. Processes are fully separated from hardware.

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Natürliche Sprache: English
Betriebssystem: Betriebssystem
Programmiersprache: Pascal
Themen: Freecode.com
Letztes Update: 2005-08-21 04:23

GTK Programmers Calendar

The GTK Programmer's Calendar is intended for
people who think about time in terms of files and
projects, and for people for whom what happened is
more important that what will happen (e.g., "what
projects did I work on last Thursday?" or "My last
three days of work needs to be thrown away; how do
I get it out?").

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Letztes Update: 2005-08-28 08:06


ghli is GPMI's Highlevel Language Interpreter, developed to operate
under GPMI, though it works as a standalone script interpreter as well.
It features a byte code interpreter with complex instructions for high
level languages, a framework to ease implementing precompilers, a Pascal
precompiler, and an Assembly precompiler. It aims to be small, fast,
and flexible. The number of core instructions are very limited while it
offers a simple interface so the host application can register its own
extension commands easily.

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Letztes Update: 2004-06-21 13:44

World of Voom

World of Voom is an artillery game inspired by
Tank Wars (a small game popular in the 90s). It is
turn-based and can be played by 1-10 players on a
single machine. There is a wide array of weapons
and computer opponents to choose from.

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PUMA Repository

The PUMA Repository is a collection of Pascal units for medical informatics. It is compatible with and was developed for Lazarus and Free Pascal. The units are also partially compatible with other Pascal dialects, including Delphi and WinSoft PocketStudio.

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Letztes Update: 2001-11-11 16:07


NoodeInstaller attempts to make distributing software easier for people who don't know how to use make and RPM. It is simpler and less powerful than these traditional methods, but it should suffice for most people. Its features include NoodleUnInstaller (for automating uninstalls), TkNIAK (a GUI program for making the install scripts), and InstallMaker (for making self-extracting installers).

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Letztes Update: 2003-09-28 09:48

ALSA Library Bindings for Pascal

alsapas is a Pascal language translation of the ALSA library header files (*.h), meaning Linux programs in Pascal can now take advantage of ALSA's functionality. alsapas currently works under the Free Pascal Compiler and Borland Kylix 3.

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Letztes Update: 2006-01-06 03:49


binfmtc implements handlers for C and other
languages, which are usually compiled. The program
utilizes the Linux binfmt-misc feature to
dynamically compile and execute C programs as if
they were scripts. It supports C, C++, Java,
Pascal, Fortran, and assembler.

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Letztes Update: 2006-02-20 11:25


CGI-Musicbox is a collection of programs to manage a
digital jukebox via CGI. Music is played on server which
is controlled through a Web interface. It can play lists,
individual files, directories, and audio CDs. Lists can be
created and edited through the interface. CD ripping
and encoding (to ogg, mp3, or m4a) can be fully
controlled. Music files can be updated from clients.

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Letztes Update: 2009-04-26 08:11

General Package/Module Interface

General Package/Module Interface (GPMI) is a
lightweight library that assists with modularizing
applications. It includes prewritten script
interpreter modules in addition to timers, events,
and package dependencies.

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