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Letztes Update: 2007-04-20 15:45

Java Imaging Utilities

JIU (Java Imaging Utilities) is a Java library for pixel images. It can read and write a number of popular image file formats. Several algorithms for image editing, analysis, and processing are implemented. A GUI demo application, Javadoc API documentation, and a manual are provided as well.

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Letztes Update: 2001-07-12 04:50

The IPX Gimp Plugins

The IPX Gimp Plugins package contains many plugins for the Gimp that are geared towards image analysis, such as image sharpening, edge detection, region growing, and a number of morphological algorithms.

Letztes Update: 2006-04-17 04:55

SVG Slice

SVGSlice is a simple tool which generates chopped
up images from Inkscape SVG drawings. To figure
out where to cut, SVGSlice can use Inkscape's
built in guides (for simpler, grid-like cuts), or
it can use a specially named "slices" layer that
contains rectangles that mark areas to slice. Demo
files showing both approaches are included.

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Letztes Update: 2009-08-16 07:45

Allegro Sprite Editor

Allegro Sprite Editor (ASE) is a program specially designed with facilities to create animated sprites that can be used in some video game. It lets you create static images, characters with movement, textures, patterns, backgrounds, logos, color palettes, etc. It focuses on pixel editing to do pixel art. It isn't a photo retouching tool or a vector graphics editor. Mainly, it is a tool to create tiny animations pixel-by-pixel.

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Letztes Update: 2005-10-13 02:57


SImg is a software for astronomical image processing. It contains a tool for visualization of highly dynamic images. The package consists of a library and applications which use it. Some of the features are deconvolution (various methods), Video4Linux support, PSF computation, approximation by linear combination of images and polynoms, various color transforms, automatic shifting of image sets (for addition and color composition), and more.

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Letztes Update: 2009-12-30 18:44

Gimp User Filter Plug-in

Gimp User Filter is a work-alike to Adobe's Filter Factory. It is a generic image processing plug-in that can be used to create new filters for The GIMP without having to go through the process of learning about The GIMP's SDK. Many freely available filters that have been created for Filter Factory can also be used with this plug-in.

Letztes Update: 2013-09-11 17:32


GTKRawGallery is a workflow-oriented photo retouching program with the necessary tools to quickly process camera raw images.

It brings together Dcraw, Imagemagick, and Exiftool.

Important features include an image browser and manager for popular formats, a full-featured Dcraw GUI for fine-tuned raw image pre-processing, image modification tools for 16-bit/channel post-processing, batch conversion with single workflow applicable, a batch processor to speed up the workflow, fast tagging, an advanced metadata editor with EXIF, IPTC, and XMP write support, color management, and print support, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa Web Albums publishers, and a Dropbox uploader.

Letztes Update: 2009-09-22 15:10

GIMP arrow brushes

GIMP arrow brushes consists of 22 sets of arrows to use as brushes in the GIMP (a total of 98 GBR files).

Letztes Update: 2012-04-18 07:15


ビットマップ図形の周りをラップする GIMP の python プラグイン。

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Entwicklungsstatus: 4 - Beta
Betriebssystem: OS Unabhängig
Programmiersprache: Python
Benutzerschnittstelle: Plugins
Letztes Update: 2010-02-09 22:13


Qaquarelle は、オープン ソース Qt4 ベースのグラフィカルなエディター、その目標はエミュレートされた伝統的な楽器、GPU でタブレット入力と OpenGL ベースの処理の完全なサポートを含む絵画のネイティブな方法を提供します。

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Entwicklungsstatus: 2 - Pre-Alpha
Zielbenutzer: End Users/Desktop
Natürliche Sprache: English, Russian
Programmiersprache: C++
Benutzerschnittstelle: OpenGL, Qt
Letztes Update: 2016-03-29 01:28



Letztes Update: 2006-11-16 10:41

Tile Studio

タイルのグラフィックの完全な開発ユーティリティ ベースのゲーム。タイルとスプライトとマップ エディターを作成するレベルのマップを設計するためには、ビットマップ エディターが含まれます。出力は、完全にプログラマブルな任意のプロジェクトで使用されるヘッダー/ソース ファイルを生成する !

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Letztes Update: 2019-10-12 00:42


Pixelitor は、Java で記述されたクロス プラットフォームのラスター グラフィックス エディターです。イメージ フィルター、図面、レイヤー、複数の元に戻す操作をサポートするなど。現在の主な強み以上 70 の画像フィルターや色の調整、いくつかのユニークなです。

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Letztes Update: 2019-10-14 04:56

Ofnuts' Gimp path tools

Gimp のパスを変換するさまざまなスクリプト

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Zielbenutzer: Advanced End Users
Programmiersprache: Python
Benutzerschnittstelle: Plugins
Letztes Update: 2001-10-27 13:13

Full Decent Image manipulation/ fractal

画像の操作と世代のライブラリ プラス フラクタル エディターとジェネレーターの例。

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