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Letztes Update: 2010-11-01 16:46

Easy PHP Thumbnail Class

Easy PHP Thumbnail Class can be used to manipulate
images and generate thumbnails. It can load images
from files and generate thumbnails that can be
saved to files or be generated as the current
script output. The class can also perform other
image manipulation functions such as adding
shadows, clipping rounded corners, filters, bilineair image deformations, and more. Over 45 image manipulation functions are available.

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Letztes Update: 2008-01-04 08:05


vsdviewer is a MS Visio Drawing and Stencil
(VSD/VSS) import filter for the sK1 vector editor
and UniConvertor. It can also be used as a
standalone viewer.

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Letztes Update: 2008-10-07 10:36


Renrot renames files according the flexible name template (allowing DateTimeOriginal and FileModifyDate EXIF tags, if they exist; otherwise, the name will be set according to the current timestamp). It can aggregate files according to shooting time period. It can losslessly rotate JPEGs and their thumbnails according to the Orientation EXIF tag or a given angle. It can put commentary into the Commentary and UserComment tags. Personal details can be specified via XMP tags defined in a configuration file.

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Letztes Update: 2004-01-06 09:10


ttf2pt1 is a converter of various scalable font formats (most notably TTF) and of the bitmapped BDF format into PostScript Type 1 fonts and metrics (.pfa, .pfb, .afm).

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Letztes Update: 2013-04-29 21:28


ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems that allows you to perform OCR on DjVu files.

Letztes Update: 2003-12-11 05:04


Tumble converts one or more TIFF (B&W only) and
JPEG files into a PDF file. It was developed
primarily for use with scanned images. B&W images
will be encoded with Group 4 fax (T.6) lossless
compression. JPEG images are embedded as-is.
Tumble supports multi-page TIFF files, and can
generate PDF outline entries (bookmarks) based on
the file name and/or the page number.

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Letztes Update: 2006-09-25 09:14


jp2a will convert JPEG images to ASCII output,
with given dimensions.

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Letztes Update: 2017-05-09 16:47


!SageThumbs はピエール e Gougelet GFL ライブラリ (!XnView の著者) を使用して Windows エクスプ ローラーで直接画像フォーマットの膨大な量をプレビューできるようにする強力なシェル拡張です。

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Letztes Update: 2009-03-19 09:28


GL2PS is a C library providing high quality vector
output for any OpenGL application. It uses sorting
algorithms capable of handling intersecting and
stretched polygons, as well as non manifold
objects. It provides advanced smooth shading and
text rendering, culling of invisible primitives,
mixed vector/bitmap output, and much more. It can
currently create PostScript (PS), Encapsulated
PostScript (EPS), Portable Document Format
(PDF), and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files, as well as LaTeX files for the text fragments.

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Letztes Update: 2012-09-24 02:04


ICCLIB implements support for reading and writing of color profile files that conform to the International Color Consortium (ICC) Profile Format Specification, Version 3.4. The ICC Profile Format is a cross-platform device profile format that can be used to translate color data created on one device into another device's native color space. See the profile specification at color.org. In summary ICCLIB provides support for all version 3.4 header elements, Tags, and Tag Types, conversion to/from machine native representation of all data types, user-defined Tags, adding/deleting Tags, Tag type sharing within a file (often used for sharing LUTs amongst intents), reading/writing embedded profiles, a single function for transforming color values through a profile (including support for intents, forward and reverse transforms, gamut lookup or preview lookup), support and code examples for creating all profile types, monochrome, matrix, and Lut, and it loads Tag Types on demand to conserve memory space.

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Letztes Update: 2002-12-08 05:04


PNG2ICO converts .PNG files to Windows .ICO icon resource files. It is a simple tool for creating a favicon.ico for a Web site. It supports transparent backgrounds and multiple icons (usually alternative resolutions) per .ICO file.

Letztes Update: 2001-07-24 12:35


libgocr is a library to help the creation of OCR
engines. Engines are released as plugins, and can
take advantage of several features that the
library provides. Frontends to the library can be
written for any kind of environment.

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Letztes Update: 2003-04-07 08:27

Shapefile C Library

Shapefile C Library is a C library for reading and writing ESRI Shapefiles and their related DBF files. All geometry types are supported, with robust DBF support. Shapelib is widely used for commercial and free projects. Shapelib includes command line utilities for dumping, subsetting, clipping, shifting, scaling, and reprojecting shapefiles.

Letztes Update: 2001-07-30 16:23


svg2swf is a Python script which converts W3C SVG files to Macromedia Flash (.swf) format. It Requires Python 1.5, SAX (included in Python 2.0), and the Ming Flash generation library.

Letztes Update: 2004-04-12 00:09


Delineate is a tool for converting bitmap raster
images to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) using
AutoTrace or potrace. It loads images using JIU
and displays results using Batik. The valid input
formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNM, PBM,

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