ZenTao is an open source Scrum tool for application development projects with features including

Backlog Management✓ Sprint and task✓ bug tracking✓ Scrum✓ Waterfall✓ Roadmap✓ Burndown✓ Kanban✓ SaaS✓ Self Hosting✓


Product management: product, story, backlog, plan, release and roadmap

Project management: project, Sprint, task, build and burndown chart

Test management: bug, test case, test request and test result

CI: Jenkins integration, automation testing, ZTF

Doc management: product document library, project document library

Work management: todo management and my task/ bug/ story/ project

Company management: user, department, group and privileges

Report: various statistic reports and custom reports

Search: robust search function




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Open Source 12.4.2

Veröffentlicht: 2020-09-21 12:22
ZenTao Open Source 12.4.2 (10 files Verstecken)


The open source version of ZenTao project management software 12.4.2 is released, mainly fixing vulnerabilities and bugs.


3384 SQL injection vulnerability exists in ZenTao 12.4

3383 Regarding ZenTao 12.4, there is an arbitrary file reading vulnerability

3374 linux one-click installation package mysql security vulnerability

3314 pro8.8.2 vulnerability

3291 SQL injection problem

3270 ZenTao open source version has a command execution vulnerability in the background

3268 There is a website file deletion vulnerability in the ZenTao background database backup.

3116 ZenTao's access to checktable.php exposes the absolute path

3051 Permission logic design vulnerability

3035 Handle security scan vulnerabilities sent by customers

3014 Report on the existence of remote code execution vulnerabilities in ZenTao

3013 SQL injection vulnerability exists in ZenTao plug-in installation

3012 Vulnerabilities in ZenTao access bypass

3000 There are high-risk vulnerabilities in the Apache version of ZenTao linux one click installation package

2895 Some other vulnerabilities needed to be fixed