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2022-12-04 00:36
It seems to me that although not documented, yash --rcfile foo.sh seems to work. The form without the equal sign is v...
2022-11-06 12:56
The notion of "declaration utility" is going to be added in the next version of POSIX. https://www.austingroupbugs.ne...
2022-10-30 21:10
I think not having this binding by default is frustrating for many users, myself included, as I've spent a good chunk...
2021-12-16 01:16
$ foo() { `'`; } $ typeset -fp foo foo() { $(') } $(') does not parse the same as the original backtick command su...
2021-10-30 01:18
yash: $ printf "\x66\x65\n" \x66\x65 busybox sh and bash: $ printf "\x66\x65\n" fe this is somewhat of a bummer as no...


2017-12-26 11:43


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