XooNIps 3.42 has been released
2009-01-21 21:57 (by orrisroot)

XooNIps 3.42 has been released
this package is maintenance release from ver.3.41

Change Logs:
* Bug fixes
  - fixed infiniate loop bug when an item has cross-reference related to
  - fixed bug for user profile updating.
  - fixed bug for search cache garbage collecting.
  - fixed bug for search index creation of Japanese written MS-Word
    attachment on UNIX/Linux platform.
  - fixed bug for item type modules updating. (Book, Conference, Data, Model,
    Paper, Presentaion, Simulator, Stimulus and Tool)
  - fixed html validation error on listing page of Book items.
  - fixed linking count bug for Url items.
* Performance and compatibility enhancements
  - increased showing speed of listing items and transferring items.
  - increased backward compatibility of import file.
* UI improvements
  - changed index tree folder images.
  - changed tab images.
  - revised group management pages (Edit Groups, Edit Group Members and
    Group List).
  - revised user publication list management page.

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