XooNIps 3.40 has been released
2008-11-28 22:58 (by orrisroot)

XooNIps 3.40 has been released.
this version is major update for FY2007''s new feature implementation

Change Logs:
* Implement the function for transferring the item''s right of property
* Support to delete user accounts
* Separate Binder item type from the XooNIps itself, and modularize the
  item type
* Implement the function for releasing items in the group area collectively
* Have URL/E-mail on the context of comments linked
* Increase the speed on displaying the index-trees
* Implement the function for users to make comments on items
* Handle XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1
* Simplify the RSS feeds
* Others
  - Handle the keywords when supplementing the paper items by PubMed fill-in
  - Handle multiple registrations of information about the author, creator,
    experimenter of the following item types: Book, Data, Model, Simulator,
    Stimulus and Tool
  - Improve the notifications on certificating items/users
  - Handle the ISBN 13 digits of Book item type
  - Expand the metadata retrieval function by OAI-PMH
  - Improve the function in order to obtain the displayed name of the items
    on XooNIps XML-RPC API XooNIps. getltemType
  - Rename the language resource of Japanese UTF-8 from japaneseutf to
  - Delete the language resource of English UTF-8, englishutf

Please try it,
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