Wrj4P5 alpha-006 for Balance Board, and some stuffs released
2008-08-08 08:18 (by classiclll)

'Wrj4P5 alpha-006' - Balance Board support

  • Caution!
    Because of some API change between WiiRemoteJ 1.4- and WiiRemoteJ 1.5+, 
    only the following combinations allowed
      (no sketch modification needed)
     1. Wrj4P5 alpha-005-  and  WiiremoteJ 1.4-
     2. Wrj4P5 alpha-006+  and  WiiremoteJ 1.5+
    *no test performed of Balance Bord functinalities, because of no board.

'Loc beta-004' - new 3D staffs

  • Rod : the model of 3D geometric line with geometric calculations.
  • Tag : the model of 3D geometric plane with geometric calculations.
  • Ship : the model of 3D geometric space with geometric calculations. (intermediate)

'New Package l4P5' - static methods collection

  • draw a instance of Locs 3D staffs for Processing/Proce55ing
  • draw some texture mapped 3D primitives
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