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connecting tips for windows (2007-10-07 15:03 by classiclll #32680)

[for WiiRemoteJ by Cha0s]
1. Windows users should user either the BlueCove JSR82 library (with BlueSoleil or WIDCOMM stack) or the Avetana library (with WIDCOMM stack). Linux users should use Avetana (with BlueZ stack). Mac users should use Avetana (with the built-in stack).
2. Make sure to put the library in the extensions folder (as described in the readme). On Windows, you may also need to add the path of the library to the Windows system PATH variable.
3. To connect to the remote, use WiiRemoteJ's findRemote methods. DO NOT connect to the remote beforehand with the stack utilities. WiiRemoteJ handles the entire connection process and will not be able to connect if the remote is already connected.
4. If you're still having trouble, post a stack trace, your OS, Java version, bluetooth stack, and JSR82 implementation. We'll see what we can do to help.

[for P5 sketch by blindfish]
A couple of useful tips for others trying this out:

1. When I first connect the Wiimote up to Bluetooth it remains in discovery mode. When I then try and connect to the Processing application with 1 & 2 nothing happens. I've found that first pressing the Wiimote power button to 'switch it off' and then hitting 1 & 2 to enter discovery mode gets around this problem. Subsequent attempts to connect should work fine with just 1 & 2 as long as you do the following:

2. Make sure you 'switch off' your Wiimote before closing your Processing application so that you see the "Remote disconnected" message in the output window. In my case if I fail to do this it buggers something up with the Bluetooth stack which seems to require a system restart to fix

By following these two steps I'm finding this fairly reliable and can now definitely get on with some experimenting

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