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Main source code repository for WinDirStat

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WinDirStat - Windows Directory Statistics

Copyright and licenses

  • Copyright © 2003-2005 Bernhard Seifert (bseifert@users.sourceforge.net)
  • Copyright © 2004-2017 WinDirStat Team (windirstat.net)

The application itself is distributed under the terms of the GPL v2, but parts of the source code are also available under more lenient license terms.

The documentation/help is distributed under the terms of the GNU FDL.

Note: you are not at liberty to upgrade the GPL version to anything later than v2 at this moment.

The logo and all derivatives are available under the terms of the Creative Commons license CC BY 3.0.


WinDirStat is a program that allows you to find disk space hogs at a glance. It achieves that by displaying a drive, drives or directories in a treemap that assigns bigger areas to bigger files and directories. Making those areas visually separate by coloring and other means allows you to see literally at a glance what the space hogs are and where to dig deeper.

The directory tree is simultanously shown as a treelist and as a treemap. One can effortlessly gain an impression of the proportions on the hard disk(s).

Major features

  • 3 views, Directory tree, Treemap and Extension list, coupled with each other,
  • Built-in cleanup actions including Open, Delete, Show Properties,
  • User defined cleanup actions (command line based),
  • Language is English by default; further translations can be added as resource DLLs,
  • Online-Help,
  • A little setup.exe which installs the files and shortcuts.


The original author of WinDirStat was Bernhard Seifert and it was inspired by KDirStat and SequoiaView. Design and many details are based on KDirStat, so WinDirStat is "a KDirStat re-programmed for MS Windows".

WinDirStat Alternatives on other operating systems

Meanwhile alternatives also exist for OS X and many programs make use of treemaps for a variety of visualization needs.

The FLOSS alternatives for other operating systems are thus:

We're not aware of an alternative using treemaps for Windows at this moment, but ...

Building from source

Please refer to the project Wiki page Building.


The project Wiki on Bitbucket features a whole section on the topic of contributing. If you don't agree on the requirements, feel free to contact a project member regardless before you put any substantial effort into your potential contribution.

To see a list of contributors, please check out the contributors page.


WinDirStat currently runs on all flavors of Windows, but does have some problems on more recent versions of Windows (8 and later) that will be addresses by a future release.


WinDirStat logo

The logo was generously designed and contributed to the project by Robin "tuqueque" Marín. Follow him on Twitter @tuquequeorg.


We currently have:

Find a more up-to-date list of links on the website and the blog at any point in time.

Contact - Kontakt - Контакт

  • You may write us on the following page in either English, German or Russian: contact
  • Ihr könnt uns auf der folgenden Webseite entweder auf Deutsch, Englisch oder Russisch schreiben: Kontakt
  • Вы можете связаться с нами на русском, английском или немецком на странице связаться - Примечание: я учил русский язык в школе, но давно не использовал его и, наверное, уже не все понимаю и пишу тоже не без ошибок… Посмотрим…
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