Univalent Versatile Environment (UNIversal, VALiant, and ENTertaining, UVE) is Arch-based GNU/Linux distribution. You can easily install it with the Calamares installer. Of course, you can also start it live from USB or DVD. Because we use the Arch repository, we always have the latest software available.


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Veröffentlicht: 2023-07-04 17:45
i3wm 23.07 (2 files Verstecken)



※This release is only i3-wm flavour.

In the 23.06 release note, I said, "We're not going to release 23.07." Now that I can launch Calamares without opening terminal emulator, I want to show it to everyone.

The decision to end its role as a Web edition was made because it made no sense to build with i3. But rest assured, NJB is currently working on a successor that uses Openbox. I think this will be a more usable Web operating system.

Additional Features

  • Replace "Polybar" taskbar with "Tint2"


  • Calamares can be launched by pressing "Win+i"
  • Add LibreOffice, Rhythmbox, and Claws Mail

Known Issues

  • Volume setting applet exits immediately after it starts.
    Can it be avoided by changing the startup order with the "sleep" command?


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