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2011-11-10 13:43
Current version of Ume fonts contains too many identical glyphs between different font files. Ume Gothic/Mincho, Ume ...
2011-11-10 13:15
The lack of hinting makes the font looks ugly in small point sizes, and difficult to read. Since FontForge already in...
2011-11-10 12:50
In the font building batch file ume-fontmake.bat contains several lines that call ttfoldel.vbs and ttfoldel-nokan.vbs...
2011-11-10 05:26
The development (fhi-*) font packages contains 3 copies of the same fonts, except they are smaller than the fonts in ...
2011-11-10 04:53
When viewing the fonts in Windows, some fonts have wrong or inconsistent font names: Ume P Gothic O4 (ume-pgo4.ttf) ...

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2006-10-10 05:40
2006-10-10 05:40
@ Hilfe


2019-10-02 19:50

very good font and really nice to use for soft words nd sentence

2018-08-30 07:34

rwefwefwef efwef wefw wefw ewef we

2015-05-25 17:08


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