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I am having trouble in building enviroment (2013-10-15 18:29 by zarkikj #70485)

Dear all,
I am having trouble with following building error messages

"error LNK2001: unresolved external symbols __imp__OnigEncodingISO_8859_xx"

I can build the oniguruma-5.9.4.

I am using following environment

Win 7 x64
MS Visual Studio 2010

Is there anyone can help me on this error?

Thanks for your reading.

RE: I am having trouble in building enviroment (2013-10-15 23:24 by yutakapon #70490)

Hi zarkikj,

Please refer to in the following document:

I can build the Oniguruma 5.9.4 with the Visual Studio 2010
by using the buildoniguruma.bat.


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RE: I am having trouble in building enviroment (2013-10-16 00:22 by zarkikj #70491)

Hi Yutaka,

I already read about the document for developing. I can build the onig_s.lib successfully.
Unfortunately, it still can't work in MS VS2010 in my environment.

I had this problem in different places, ex. ttermpro/ttpdlg/ttpmacro
After I changed the output file property of "ttpdlg" from "dynamic (*.dll)" to "static (*.lib)",
the linker error for this part will be solved.

However, i still having such error in ttpmacro with different error code LNK2001: unresolved external symbols.

it will be very helpful if you can help me clarify this situation. Thanks a lot :)
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