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Revision7210 (tree)
Zeit2006-08-06 18:32:42

Log Message

merge revision 7209 from trunk:
* Fix version info in the changelog.

Ändern Zusammenfassung


--- branches/1.4.x/STATUS.txt (revision 7209)
+++ branches/1.4.x/STATUS.txt (revision 7210)
@@ -14,5 +14,5 @@
1414 7204 : wrong charset for Blame headers
1515 7205 : default to revision instead of HEAD in merge dialog
1616 7206 : enable/disable 'floppy' checkbox on dialog init
17+7209 : version string in changelog.
--- branches/1.4.x/src/Changelog.txt (revision 7209)
+++ branches/1.4.x/src/Changelog.txt (revision 7210)
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
33 - BUG: The state of the "Floppy drives" checkbox was not set correctly
44 the first time on startup. (Stefan)
6-Version 1.3.4RC1
6+Version 1.4.0RC1
77 - NEW: Command line param /bugid to prefill the bug ID
88 in the commit dialog. See issue #202 for details. (Stefan)
99 - NEW: User defined regexes to parse the files for keywords used
--- branches/1.4.x/www/ChangeLog.txt (revision 7209)
+++ branches/1.4.x/www/ChangeLog.txt (revision 7210)
@@ -1,3 +1,247 @@
1+Version 1.4.0RC1
2+- NEW: Command line param /bugid to prefill the bug ID
3+ in the commit dialog. See issue #202 for details. (Stefan)
4+- NEW: User defined regexes to parse the files for keywords used
5+ for autoexpanding in the commit dialog can now be stored
6+ in %APPDATA%\TortoiseSVN\autolist.txt so they won't get
7+ overwritten on upgrades. (Stefan)
8+- NEW: Allow "compare with base" for added and deleted files
9+ in the commit/cfm dialog. (Stefan)
10+- NEW: Customizable update system, see issue #209 for details.
11+ (Hans-Emil Skogh, Stefan)
12+- NEW: The status list control is now configurable. Columns can
13+ be reordered, hidden or shown. And the column sizes are
14+ stored between sessions. See issue #80 for details. (Stefan)
15+- NEW: The revision graph shows the last committed revision
16+ too for every branch/tag. See issue #192 for details. (Stefan)
17+- NEW: The revision graph can show all revisions where an URL
18+ has been modified, not just the copy graph. See
19+ issue #192 for details. (Stefan)
20+- NEW: The revision graph can show the nodes sorted by path.
21+ See issue #222 for details. (Stefan)
22+- NEW: The 'OK' button in all dialogs is now disabled until at least
23+ one file/folder is selected to avoid empty operations. (Tobias Schäfer)
24+- NEW: Ability to show ignored files in the "Check for modifications"
25+ dialog. (Stefan)
26+- NEW: Option in the statistics dialog to treat author names
27+ case insensitive. (Stefan)
28+- NEW: Options 'startrev' and 'endrev' for automating the blame
29+ command. See our docs, section automation for details. (Stefan)
30+- NEW: Option to include ignored files when importing. (Stefan)
31+- NEW: Option to ignore the ancestry in a merge. (Stefan)
32+- NEW: Files shown in lists can now be dragged to other applications such as
33+ text editors or IDEs. See issue #213 for details. (Tobias Schäfer)
34+- NEW: Context menu entry to start the commit dialog from the
35+ "check for modifications" dialog. See issue #217 for details. (Stefan)
36+- NEW: Different icons for the context menu entry depending on the type
37+ of the item selected. See issue #210 for details. (Stefan)
38+- NEW: When dragging items in the repository browser folders are now opened
39+ and closed when hovering over them for two seconds. See issue #203
40+ for details (Tobias Schäfer)
41+- NEW: The Revert, Resolve, Lock and Add dialog can be interrupted while
42+ they fetch the working copy status. (Stefan)
43+- NEW: Number of recent log messages kept in the history is configurable.
44+ (Stefan).
45+- NEW: The revision graph has a toolbar and a statusbar. (Stefan)
46+- NEW: Right-drag export creates a unique folder if a folder of the same
47+ name already exists in the target location. See issue #227
48+ for details. (Stefan)
49+- NEW: Dragging items in the repository browser beyond the visible area
50+ makes the tree scroll automatically. See issue #203 for details.
51+ (Tobias Schäfer)
52+- NEW: Better zooming support in the revision graph. See issue
53+ #228 for details. (Stefan)
54+- NEW: The log message history now also stores and recalls the issue numbers
55+ which are entered in the edit box. See issue #215 for details. (Stefan)
56+- NEW: Some performance and memory use improvements when committing thousands
57+ of files at once. (Stefan)
58+- NEW: Option to choose the cache type to use. See issue #219 for
59+ details. (Stefan)
60+- NEW: The commit dialog accepts files/folders to be dropped on it.
61+ See issue #212 for details. (Stefan)
62+- NEW: Command "Revert to this revision" in the log dialog. See issue #220
63+ for details. (Stefan)
64+- NEW: Right-drag "Move and rename". See issue #224 for details. (Stefan)
65+- NEW: New page in the settings dialog where the user can clear data
66+ (log history, URLs, auth data, ...) TSVN stores.
67+ See issue #225 for details. (Stefan)
68+- NEW: Switched files/folders are indicated with an "(s)" after the status
69+ text in the commit/check-for-modifications/... dialogs.
70+ See issue #229 for details. (Stefan)
71+- NEW: Ability to copy the error message in the repository browser
72+ to the clipboard. See issue #223 for details. (Stefan)
73+- NEW: Renaming multiple similar files which makes refactoring easier.
74+ See issue #193 for details. (Stefan)
75+- NEW: When applying a patch in TortoiseMerge the context menu now offers
76+ the new option "Patch selected". (Tobias Schäfer)
77+- NEW: When reverting a file in the commit dialog the scroll position is
78+ now restored instead of always scrolling to the top. (Tobias Schäfer)
79+- NEW: Merging now mentions the number of skipped targets and shows them in
80+ red. See issue #231 for details. (Tobias Schäfer)
81+- NEW: Subversion properties can be shown and edited from the various
82+ dialogs using the status list control, and directly from the
83+ explorer context menu. See issue #166 for details. (Stefan)
84+- NEW: Additional column in the log dialog, showing the bugtraq ID string
85+ assigned to the revision. See issue #199 for details. (Stefan)
86+- NEW: The log dialog allows to specify a revision range to load.
87+ See issue #198 for details. (Stefan)
88+- NEW: The open dialog in TortoiseMerge can use already entered paths
89+ as a starting point for browsing. See issue #218 for details. (Stefan)
90+- NEW: When a lock fails because the file is outdated, TSVN asks if the
91+ user wants to update the file and try again locking it.
92+ See issue #204 for details. (Stefan)
93+- NEW: Context menu entry on error items to open the parent folder.
94+ See issue #232 for details. (Stefan)
95+- NEW: Ability to use both text blocks in two way diff. See
96+ issue #235 for details. (Stefan)
97+- NEW: Comparing two files with blame information. See issue #216
98+ for details. (Stefan)
99+- NEW: Option to set the SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK env variable from the
100+ settings dialog. See issue #238 for details. (Stefan)
101+- NEW: Context menu to copy the log message of the selected revision
102+ to the clipboard in TortoiseBlame.
103+ See issue #195 for details. (Stefan)
104+- NEW: The "compare" context menu in the progress dialog will
105+ do a three way diff if the updated file was merged.
106+ See issue #236 for details. (Stefan)
107+- NEW: In the statistics dialog, you can now switch between all available
108+ diagram types by clicking on a button. See issue #206
109+ for details. (Stefan)
110+- NEW: The entries in the repository browser are now sorted
111+ numerically instead of text wise. (Stefan)
112+- NEW: Column in explorer showing the svn:eol-style property. (Stefan)
113+- NEW: Switched items are shown now in the Check for modifications
114+ dialog even if the item was not modified. (Stefan)
115+- NEW: The "resolved", "resolve using mine" and "resolve using theirs"
116+ menus are now enabled if multiple files are selected too
117+ in the various status controls. (Stefan)
118+- NEW: The "resolved" context menu in the explorer is enabled if
119+ multiple files are selected. (Stefan)
120+- NEW: Context menu, available only if SHIFT is hold down while the
121+ menu is brought up, to diff a file or a folder with an URL. (Stefan)
122+- NEW: You can now set and read binary properties.
123+ See issue #240 for details. (Stefan)
124+- NEW: The patch file list window can be shown/hidden with a button
125+ in the TortoiseMerge toolbar and menu.
126+ See issue #249 for details. (Stefan)
127+- NEW: The lock dialog now shows a warning when the user attempts to
128+ lock files which don't have the property svn:needs-lock set.
129+ See issue #246 for details. (Tobias Schäfer)
130+- NEW: Introducing TortoiseIDiff, an image diff viewer. This is a little
131+ tool which shows two images side-by-side, or over each other
132+ alpha blended. (Stefan)
133+- NEW: The entries in the status control can now be copied to the
134+ clipboard. See issue #250 for details. (Stefan)
135+- NEW: Added new column "Needs lock" which is available in all dialogs
136+ and shown by default in the lock dialog. (Tobias Schäfer)
137+- NEW: Option to auto-close the progress dialog for local operations.
138+ See issue #245 for details. (Stefan)
139+- NEW: Conflicts are marked as such even if the ignore settings
140+ (e.g. ignore whitespace changes) would make TortoiseMerge to
141+ not show a conflict. See issue #88 for details. (Stefan)
142+- NEW: The log message and file list controls in the commit dialog
143+ have now a splitter between them so they can be resized
144+ as the user wants. See issue #252 for details. (Stefan)
145+- NEW: Checkout of multiple urls at once from the repository
146+ browser is now possible. See issue #247 for details. (Stefan)
147+- NEW: Searching text in TortoiseMerge can be limited to changed
148+ lines only. See issue #248 for details. (Stefan)
149+- NEW: TortoiseMerge can now show diffs of UTF-16 files. (Stefan)
150+- NEW: TortoiseMerge shows diffs inside lines in the main views.
151+ See issue #254 for details. (Stefan)
152+- NEW: Log messages are now shown formatted if special chars
153+ are used. You can write text in *bold*, ^italic^ or
154+ _underlined_. (Stefan)
155+- NEW: The status overlay of a folder can be forced to 'modified' if
156+ unversioned files are in it. See issue #242 for details. (Stefan)
157+- NEW: Goto Line in TortoiseBlame. See issue #255 for details. (Stefan)
158+- NEW: command line param for TortoiseBlame to jump directly to
159+ a specific line. See issue #214 for details. (Stefan)
160+- NEW: When two revisions are selected in the log dialog, allow
161+ diffing a file in the modified files list. (Stefan)
162+- NEW: In the various dialogs it is now possible to delete unversioned
163+ files and folders permanently by pressing SHIFT (Ivan Gerasimov)
164+- NEW: The list of changed files between two urls/revision can be
165+ saved to a text file. See issue #263 for details. (Stefan)
166+- NEW: The changed files between two urls/revision can be
167+ exported to a folder. See issue #263 for details. (Stefan)
168+- NEW: The statistics graph can be saved as image files.
169+ See issue #262 for details. (Stefan)
170+- NEW: A grayed out hint text is shown in the log dialog if
171+ "Stop on copy/rename" is active and not all log messages could
172+ be fetched. See issue #265 for details. (Stefan)
173+- NEW: UI friendly diff from the merge dialog. See issue #267
174+ for details. (Stefan)
175+- NEW: TortoiseMerge now accepts two or optionally three file names
176+ as arguments. (Tobias Schäfer)
177+- NEW: The floppy drives can be excluded from showing the overlays
178+ separately. See issue #269 for details. (Stefan)
179+- NEW: If a commit fails with an error, the commit dialog re-opens again
180+ with the same files checked as before.
181+ See issue #97 for details. (Stefan)
182+- CHG: The installer warns if the user tries to downgrade. See issue
183+ #126 for details. (Stefan)
184+- CHG: The icons in the column "Action" of the log dialog are now all
185+ placed in a separate column. See issue #207 for details.
186+ (Tobias Schäfer)
187+- CHG: All resizable dialogs now have minimize/maximize buttons. (Stefan)
188+- CHG: OpenSSL is now linked statically.
189+ See issue #221 for details. (Stefan)
190+- CHG: The dialog titles don't have the "TortoiseSVN : " in front
191+ anymore. (Stefan)
192+- CHG: The recent log messages now are sorted by 'last used'. (Stefan)
193+- CHG: A doubleclick on a conflicted item in the dialogs will start
194+ the conflict editor instead of the diff tool. (Stefan)
195+- CHG: The "OK" button in the log dialog stays disabled until a continuous
196+ range of revisions is selected when it is started from the merge
197+ dialog. (Stefan)
198+- CHG: Reverting newly added files in the commit dialog now removes the
199+ check mark from the corresponding check box. (Tobias Schäfer)
200+- CHG: TortoiseBlame keeps the find string intact and doesn't change
201+ it to lowercase anymore. (Stefan)
202+- CHG: The status column in explorer now uses the same recursive setting
203+ as the overlays. (Stefan)
204+- CHG: It is now possible to delete directories recursively after having
205+ deselected single items from the commit dialog provided that no
206+ parent item would commit the deselected item. (Tobias Schäfer)
207+- CHG: The url and path in the merge dialog have a tooltip now, in case
208+ the url doesn't fit into the dialog, the tooltip will still show
209+ the complete url. See issue #234 for details. (Stefan)
210+- CHG: Ctrl-A selects all entries in the status list control, which is used
211+ in multiple dialogs like commit, check for modifications,... (Stefan)
212+- CHG: When merging, items which are modified in the repository but lead
213+ to no changes in the working copy are not shown anymore in
214+ the progress dialog. (Stefan)
215+- CHG: The changed paths in the log dialog are now colored. (Stefan)
216+- CHG: If both bugtraq:message and bugtraq:logregex are set, then only
217+ bugtraq:logregex is used. (Stefan)
218+- CHG: The summary info text in the progress dialog can be copied
219+ to the clipboard. (Stefan)
220+- CHG: In the revision graph, the nodes are drawn without a shadow if
221+ they're small. (Stefan)
222+- CHG: When refreshing the status list with F5 the check mark of manually
223+ de-/selected items is restored. (Tobias Schäfer)
224+- CHG: The relocate warning is only shown if the path part of the URL
225+ changed and nothing else, because that indicates a possible
226+ switch. (Stefan)
227+- CHG: The authors graph is now sorted by number of commits.
228+ See issue #256 for details. (Stefan)
229+- CHG: The by-date graph isn't 'crowded' anymore for big repositories.
230+ See issue #259 for details. (Stefan)
231+- CHG: In the statistics dialog, grouping into "others" only happens
232+ if there are at least two authors in that group. (Stefan)
233+- BUG: Other schemes than 'ssh' weren't recognized when starting the
234+ repository browser when using svn+xyz://. (Stefan)
235+- BUG: When reverting files and folders the child items are now reverted
236+ before the parent items to avoid an error message. (Tobias Schäfer)
237+- BUG: When a setting change couldn't be saved in the registry, no error
238+ message was shown. See issue #237 for details. (Stefan)
239+- BUG: TortoiseMerge could crash when diffing files with
240+ inconsistent and MAC newlines. (Stefan)
241+- BUG: When updating multiple working copies from different repositories
242+ in once step, the context menu's in the progress dialog only worked
243+ for the last updated working copy. (Stefan)
1245 Version 1.3.5
2246 - BUG: When committing a newly added directory the file names were
3247 mixed up. (Stefan, Tobias)
@@ -54,7 +298,7 @@
54298 progress dialog for some items. (Stefan)
55299 - BUG: file entries couldn't be selected anymore in the repository
56300 browser. (Stefan)
57-- BUG: Unignoring a wildcard pattern mistakenly reported the successfull
301+- BUG: Unignoring a wildcard pattern mistakenly reported the successful
58302 removal of the file name. (Tobias Schäfer)
59303 - BUG: Unignoring file names removed more than it should from svn:ignore if
60304 the file name was part of another file name. (Tobias Schäfer)
@@ -128,7 +372,7 @@
128372 repository browser wasn't at HEAD. (Stefan)
129373 - BUG: Crash in text editor and log dialog when the issuetracker regex
130374 strings were applied to the log message. (Stefan)
131-- BUG: Crash in log dialog while retreiving log messages. (Stefan)
375+- BUG: Crash in log dialog while retrieving log messages. (Stefan)
132376 - BUG: The "stop on copy" setting was not saved in the log dialog. (Stefan)
133377 - BUG: The status cache would crash when a path longer than 260 chars
134378 (MAX_PATH constant) was touched. (Stefan)
@@ -145,7 +389,7 @@
145389 'Check for modifications' dialog.
146390 - BUG: The "remote status" column could show "(property changes only)"
147391 even if there were no property changes detected. (Stefan)
148-- BUG: TortoiseBlame could crash when the mousepointer was hoovered over
392+- BUG: TortoiseBlame could crash when the mouse pointer was hovered over
149393 just above the first visible line. (Stefan)
150394 - BUG: 'Create Patch' used the wrong root path. (Stefan)
151395 - BUG: The revision graph could crash when showing tooltips for nodes. (Stefan)
@@ -334,7 +578,7 @@
334578 checking/unchecking one of them unchecks/checks all of them.
335579 See issue 118. (Stefan)
336580 - NEW: The Spellchecker ignores now numbers and doesn't mark them
337- as missspelled anymore. See issue #145. (Stefan)
581+ as misspelled anymore. See issue #145. (Stefan)
338582 - NEW: The context menu is now shown for shortcuts too. Once for the shortcut
339583 (*.lnk) file itself and once for the target the shortcut points to.
340584 See issue #146. (Stefan)
@@ -879,7 +1123,7 @@
8791123 - CHG: The property page shows now newlines as spaces
8801124 instead of as illegal chars in the listview. (Stefan)
8811125 - CHG: Always do a WC->URL copy, even if there are no local
882- modifcations. (Stefan)
1126+ modifications. (Stefan)
8831127 - BUG: TortoiseMerge could hang when diffing certain files
8841128 and the "ignore leading whitespaces" option turned
8851129 on and only in two pane view. (Stefan)
@@ -937,7 +1181,7 @@
9371181 - BUG: The added icon overlay wasn't shown due to a wrong registry
9381182 entry set during installation. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
9391183 - BUG: The revision column wasn't sorted correctly. (Stefan Fuhrmann)
940-- BUG: The locatorbar in TortoiseMerge shrank continuously whith every
1184+- BUG: The locatorbar in TortoiseMerge shrank continuously with every
9411185 reload. (Stefan)
9421186 - BUG: TortoiseMerge calculated the size of the scrollbars wrong for
9431187 files with many tabs in it. (Stefan)
@@ -1346,7 +1590,7 @@
13461590 (Stefan)
13481592 Version 0.20.1
1349-- BUG: A crash occured if the ssh settings were
1593+- BUG: A crash occurred if the ssh settings were
13501594 not empty. (Stefan)
13511595 - BUG: Main page in the settings dialog lost
13521596 the language settings if the combo-box
@@ -1353,7 +1597,7 @@
13531597 wasn't touched. (Stefan)
13551599 Version 0.20
1356-- BUG: The property page was always shown in english,
1600+- BUG: The property page was always shown in English,
13571601 no matter what language was set. (Stefan)
13581602 - BUG: The repository browser didn't work for file:///
13591603 URLs which had escaped chars in it. (Stefan)
@@ -1447,7 +1691,7 @@
14471691 (Stefan)
14481692 - NEW: A new entry in the main settings page can be
14491693 used to tell TSVN to reuse the entered log-message
1450- in the commit dialog even if the user cancelles
1694+ in the commit dialog even if the user cancels
14511695 the dialog. This was a user request. (Stefan)
14521696 - NEW: New right-drag command to copy files/folders
14531697 inside a working copy. (Stefan)
@@ -1501,7 +1745,7 @@
15011745 changed in a revision then it showed "and 0 more"
15021746 instead of the real remaining files. (Stefan)
15031747 - CHG: Changed the behaviour of the Log and Updates
1504- dialog if a network timeout occured. (Stefan)
1748+ dialog if a network timeout occurred. (Stefan)
15051749 - CHG: If the option "recursive overlays" is not set
15061750 then the status for folders is always set to
15071751 "normal" to speed things up a little. (Stefan)
@@ -1741,11 +1985,11 @@
17411985 Version 0.10.0
17421986 - BUG: if several files are selected for committing
17431987 and the first one is unversioned or just
1744- added a crash occured (Stefan)
1988+ added a crash occurred (Stefan)
17451989 - BUG: if a folder was renamed in a working copy
17461990 with a system rename (not a 'svn rename')
17471991 then explorer crashed. Issue 39. (Stefan)
1748-- BUG: if an error occured while reading the
1992+- BUG: if an error occurred while reading the
17491993 config file it wasn't reported. (Stefan)
17501994 - BUG: the settings page crashed if not all pages
17511995 were selected before hitting "ok". (Stefan)
@@ -1769,7 +2013,7 @@
17692013 - NEW: the add dialog now shows the files with
17702014 the relative path so the user can better
17712015 check if a file needs to be added or not.
1772- This is especially usefull if folders
2016+ This is especially useful if folders
17732017 are added. (Stefan)
17742018 - NEW: Two new column providers: one for the URL
17752019 of subversion files/folders and the other
@@ -1837,9 +2081,9 @@
18372081 - BUG: import and commit log messages were limited
18382082 in number of lines (Stefan)
18392083 - BUG: files matching the temporary extensions were
1840- not added even if the user explicitely selected
2084+ not added even if the user explicitly selected
18412085 them for adding. (Stefan)
1842-- BUG: The folder icon overlay dissapeared if the
2086+- BUG: The folder icon overlay disappeared if the
18432087 svn:ignored property was set and an ignored
18442088 file was in the folder (Stefan)
18452089 - NEW: in the commit dialog (logprompt) there's now
@@ -2044,7 +2288,7 @@
20442288 - ENH: issue 2: update to a specific revision is now possible through
20452289 the shift-right-click context menu. Then the command "update"
20462290 changes to "update to revision...". (Stefan)
2047-- ENH: issue #6 done. you can now sepcify a revision in the checkout
2291+- ENH: issue #6 done. you can now specify a revision in the checkout
20482292 dialog (Tim)
20492293 - NEW: issue #7 done. You can now browse the local filesystem for a
20502294 local repository. You can also browse a repository (local and
Show on old repository browser