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Revision5277 (tree)
Zeit2005-12-29 07:52:14

Log Message

Tidy up the customization layer.

- VCExpress included in default.build.user.tmpl
- default.build.user added to ignore list
- build.txt updated to refer to default.build.user.tmpl

Ändern Zusammenfassung


--- trunk/build.txt (revision 5276)
+++ trunk/build.txt (revision 5277)
@@ -56,8 +56,8 @@
5656 - Download the tools to build the TSVN docs from
5757 http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/files/documents/406/11147/Tools.zip and
5858 unzip them into SVN\TortoiseSVN\Tools\
59-- Make a copy of the file toolpaths.tmpl in the TSVN root folder and
60- rename that copy to toolpaths.build. Then simply adjust the paths as mentioned
59+- Make a copy of the file default.build.user.tmpl in the TSVN root folder and
60+ rename that copy to default.build.user Then simply adjust the paths as mentioned
6161 in that file.
6262 - To compile the crashrpt project for TortoiseSVN, you'll need the WTL.
6363 You can get that library from here: http://wtl.sourceforge.net/
@@ -113,14 +113,10 @@
113113 If you want to improve the build script to get rid of those errors, be our guest!
115115 If you are building using VC++ Express, your options are somewhat limited.
116-Firstly you need to create a file in the TortoiseSVN directory called default.user
117-The content should look something like this:
116+Firstly you need to change the build tool in default.build.user.
117+There is already a line to set this up which you need to un-comment:
119- <?xml version="1.0"?>
120- <project name="customize">
121- <description>Customization layer for build file</description>
122- <property name="buildtool" value="vcexpress.exe" />
123- </project>
119+ <property name="buildtool" value="vcexpress.exe" />
125121 Now you need to build the Subversion libraries:
126122 > nant Subversion
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