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Revision4718 (tree)
Zeit2005-10-22 21:46:07

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Update the changelog

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--- branches/1.2.x/src/Changelog.txt (revision 4717)
+++ branches/1.2.x/src/Changelog.txt (revision 4718)
@@ -1,4 +1,26 @@
1+Version 1.2.5
2+- CHG: Missing files are not selected by default anymore in the commit
3+ dialog. (Stefan)
14 - BUG: The status cache didn't watch all required paths. (Stefan)
5+- BUG: The status cache wouldn't shut down properly. (Stefan)
6+- BUG: Fix possible endless loop in the cache. (Stefan)
7+- BUG: Fix crash in the repository browser when showing
8+ the context menu after a drag move. (Stefan)
9+- BUG: Fixed possible crash in the status cache. (Stefan)
10+- BUG: The autoscrolling in the progress dialog stopped when
11+ the scrollbar appeared. (Stefan)
12+- BUG: Wrong counting of selected files in the commit dialog. (Stefan)
13+- BUG: Showing the unified diff in the merge dialog didn't
14+ always work. (Stefan)
15+- BUG: The context menu wasn't shown if "use ownerdrawn menus" was
16+ deactivated. (Stefan)
17+- BUG: The selection isn't lost anymore when right clicking in the commit
18+ message edit box. See issue #176. (Stefan)
19+- BUG: Sorting by date in the repository browser didn't work. (Stefan)
20+- BUG: Crash when specifying a path without a backslash in the URL fields
21+ of several dialogs. (Stefan)
22+- BUG: The context menu for "Add" was disabled for deleted files, which
23+ made it impossible to replace files. (Stefan)
325 Version 1.2.4
426 - BUG: TortoisePlink was unable to connect to svn+ssh. (Stefan)
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