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Revision4470 (tree)
Zeit2005-09-24 01:21:37

Log Message

Update the version number to 1.2.3 for the upcoming release.

Ändern Zusammenfassung


--- trunk/src/Changelog.txt (revision 4469)
+++ trunk/src/Changelog.txt (revision 4470)
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
1+Version 1.2.3
12 - NEW: In the settings dialog, network page. A new button to edit the
23 Subversion servers file. (Stefan)
34 - NEW: Context menu entries to resolve a conflicted file inside the commit
--- trunk/version.in (revision 4469)
+++ trunk/version.in (revision 4470)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
11 Set MajorVersion=1
22 Set MinorVersion=2
3-Set MicroVersion=2
3+Set MicroVersion=3
\ No newline at end of file
--- trunk/www/ChangeLog.txt (revision 4469)
+++ trunk/www/ChangeLog.txt (revision 4470)
@@ -1,3 +1,44 @@
1+Version 1.2.3
2+- NEW: In the settings dialog, network page. A new button to edit the
3+ Subversion servers file. (Stefan)
4+- NEW: Context menu entries to resolve a conflicted file inside the commit
5+ dialog by using either "mine" or "theirs" directly. (Stefan)
6+- NEW: Exporting now warns before overwriting existing files.
7+ See issue #165. (Stefan)
8+- NEW: The progress dialog doesn't scroll automatically anymore if the
9+ user scrolls up. See issue #169. (Stefan)
10+- CHG: The commit dialog doesn't interrupt the user entering a log message
11+ anymore with a dialog box popping up about modifications inside
12+ an external folder. Instead, a warning icon is shown in that case below
13+ the file list control. (Stefan)
14+- BUG: When fetching files to diff, the progress dialog shown while fetching
15+ the files from the repository always showed revision 1 instead of the
16+ real revision where the file was fetched from. (Stefan)
17+- BUG: The file system watcher in the status cache wasn't monitoring all
18+ folders it should have. (Stefan)
19+- BUG: Fixed a crash when showing a diff against BASE and the status of the
20+ file couldn't be read. (Stefan)
21+- BUG: If an invalid URL was entered, an assertion would throw in some
22+ places. (Stefan)
23+- BUG: Comparing a file to the working copy from the log dialog didn't work
24+ past renames. (Stefan)
25+- BUG: Added files inside external folders weren't recognized and no warning
26+ was shown in the commit dialog that these changes must be committed
27+ separately. (Stefan)
28+- BUG: The cache could end up in an endless loop which made it consume
29+ around 20% CPU all the time. (Stefan)
30+- BUG: The context menu leaked one GDI object. (Stefan)
31+- BUG: Date revisions weren't shown correctly in the repository browser. (Stefan)
32+- BUG: Right-dragging with rename in the repository browser checked with the
33+ old name if the target exists instead of the new name. (Stefan)
34+- BUG: The revert dialog showed modified files inside externals too, but those
35+ must be reverted separately. (Stefan)
36+- BUG: The 'revert changes from all revisions' context menu in the log dialog
37+ was shown even if a filter was applied and the selected revisions
38+ were not continuous. That lead to revisions reverted which weren't
39+ really selected. (Stefan)
40+- BUG: When unlocking multiple folders, TSVN could crash. (Stefan)
142 Version 1.2.2
243 - NEW: Display a summary of our own license at start of install,
344 instead of the Subversion license. (Simon)
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