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Revision28722 (tree)
Zeit2020-01-30 03:27:41

Log Message

Merged revision(s) r28690, r28691, r28698, r28699, r28700, r28709, r28710, r28712, r28713, r28714, r28721 from trunk:
* Prevent access to non-existing line data.
* improve detecting of space/tabs to use.
* update the runtime dlls to version 14.24
* Ensure the child bar is repainted as well.
* switch back to apr 1.6.5 since v1.7.0 causes problems: https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/8ca1ec31c50921c0268b76ca487e0b1e26d165fe80dad51cdbeb6674%40%3Cdev.subversion.apache.org%3E
* Better mention vcredist instead of universal crt for downloading.
* Update year to 2020
* Prevent an error leak
* properly reconstruct the WC path of file-list items in the bottom pane of the log dialog.
* increase the OLE timeout to 10 minutes and disable the "server busy" dialog.
* Ensure that if an SVNParentPath url is shown, changing to a repository inside is possible.

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