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Revision2210 (tree)
Zeit2004-12-25 19:39:17

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Add a file containing release instructions. Maybe with this I won't forget to increment the version number again.

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--- trunk/Release_procedure.txt (nonexistent)
+++ trunk/Release_procedure.txt (revision 2210)
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
1+- Check the latest versions of Apache, openssl, zlib, neon and of course
2+ download any newer versions available.
3+- increment the version number in the installer script
4+- increment the version number in the version.in file
5+- increment the version number in LanguagePack.nsi
6+- finish the changelog.txt file, i.e. add the version title
7+- run the build.bat script
9+if all goes well (no errors while running the script) install the new
10+version and test one last time.
12+while the script runs, move all the old files in the filesharing area
13+from the binaries folder to the binaries/archive folder.
15+- zip the files Languages\TortoiseProcLang.dll and
16+ Languages\TortoiseMergeLang.dll to Languages_1.1.x.zip and upload that
17+ to the filesharing area on tigris.org.
18+- Change the link to the resource dlls in Languages\trans_foot.html and
19+ the text indicating the version number
20+- The file Languages\trans_head.html has a version number in it too
22+Now commit those changes and then create the tag in the repository
24+- run the build.bat script again
26+The last steps:
27+- rename the msi installer files to indicate the correct version number
28+- upload the msi files to the filesharing area on tigris.org
29+- edit the web files download.html, index.html, project_status.html to
30+ indicate the new release
31+- edit the file version.txt to match the exact version number of the release
32+- copy the new generated docs to the web docs folder
33+- commit the web pages
36+- Mail to dev@tortoisesvn.tigris.org, announce@tortoisesvn.tigris.org
37+- Add a news item on tigris.org
38+- Remember to include a link to the download page in the announcements.
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