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tortoisesvn: Liste der Commits

Rev. Zeit Autor
r29064 2021-01-16 17:00:31 stefankueng

update pot file with recent doc changes

r29063 2021-01-16 16:39:56 stefankueng

replace link to sourceforge

r29062 2021-01-16 04:55:49 stefankueng

update the (c) year to 2021

r29061 2021-01-15 05:39:36 stefankueng

remove references to and, replace links where possible

r29060 2021-01-15 05:38:36 stefankueng

remove obsolete files

r29059 2021-01-15 01:53:13 stefankueng

update translations from transifex

r29058 2021-01-14 02:24:52 stefankueng

use dynamic year in checkyear.js
based on

r29057 2021-01-12 03:06:43 stefankueng

update pot file with recent resource changes

r29056 2021-01-12 02:57:04 stefankueng

patch from Matthias (
The command "copy to clipboard / revisions" copied the revision numbers unsorted into clipboard.
I wrote a patch that sort the revision numbers before write them to clipboard.

r29055 2021-01-12 02:55:00 stefankueng

patch from Matthias (
I've developed two more "copy to clipboard" commands:
- Bug IDs
- Bug Urls
Both are derived from bugtraq information.

r29054 2021-01-11 04:13:03 stefankueng

update pot file with recent resource changes

r29053 2021-01-11 03:55:59 stefankueng

add file for last commit.

r29052 2021-01-11 02:23:47 stefankueng

patch from Matthias (
- "URLs to view revision in webviewer" / "URLs to view revision for path in webviewer"
if the properties "webviewer:revision" or "webviewer:pathrevision" are set the resulting URLS are offered in copy to clipboard menu

- "URLs to TortoiseSvn compare"
The URL for tsvncmd:command:compare.. is offered in copy to clipboard menu

r29051 2021-01-11 02:19:02 stefankueng

Patch from Daniel Sahlberg (
set selected list in lock command, and document missing parameter

r29050 2021-01-09 05:44:40 stefankueng

Patch from Daniel Sahlberg (
show the lock comment if of the already locked file if locking fails

r29049 2021-01-09 05:38:49 stefankueng

patch from Matthias (
Support tsvncommand:command:properties

r29048 2021-01-01 05:30:53 stefankueng

update the checkyear.js script for 2021

r29047 2020-12-19 22:44:39 stefankueng

use the ProgOptAllowMixedRev option and pass it to the svn client function

r29046 2020-12-19 22:07:10 stefankueng

use PathIsNetworkPath instead of PathIsUNCServerShare

r29045 2020-12-19 18:40:56 stefankueng

don't subclass controls if dark mode is not available

r29044 2020-12-19 02:06:05 stefankueng

show the svn error if fetching the repo root failed.

r29043 2020-12-18 03:36:14 stefankueng

exit early if the repo root is invalid

r29042 2020-12-15 02:50:08 stefankueng

use PathIsUNCServerShare() to check if a path is a server share and assume a network drive if it is.

r29041 2020-12-15 02:24:37 stefankueng

retry when opening the clipboard.

r29040 2020-12-15 02:08:40 stefankueng

start and end the interactive resolving state before/after calling ResolvePostOperationConflicts().

r29039 2020-12-12 03:27:53 stefankueng

reset the cancellation flag before retrying the conflict-resolve

r29038 2020-12-12 03:19:55 stefankueng

don't fetch status if it's already in the list, no matter what depth the status is fetched for.

r29037 2020-12-11 04:24:13 stefankueng

only fetch the status of a path if it's not already fetched, or if the fetch depth is not infinitive.

r29036 2020-12-10 04:04:35 stefankueng

update pot file with recent doc changes

r29035 2020-12-10 04:01:06 stefankueng

add a link to the homepage in the doc footer

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