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Set the svn:eol-style property on all text files.


First, you need to install some utilities/programs:
- Install VS.NET2003
- Install the java runtime. Get it from http://java.sun.com
  or from this direct link:
- Install Python 2.4. You can get it from here:
- To translate the docs, you will also need the libxml2 python bindings.
  Get them from here: http://users.skynet.be/sbi/libxml-python/
- Set the path where you installed python to the PATH environement variable.
- Install Perl. Get it from http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActivePerl/
- Get the WiX tools from http://wix.sourceforge.net and unzip them. Then add
  it to the PATH environement variable.
- If you want to include the dictionary and thesaurus in the installer/languagepacks,
  then you have to download those from http://lingucomponent.openoffice.org/.
  Important: Only the thesaurus in the format for OO2 will work! Earlier versions
  will crash TSVN!!

You may have to logoff/logon to make the new environement variables take effect!

- create a new folder on your harddisk, e.g. SVN. Make sure you have at least
  1.5 GB of free space left!!!
- create a new folder in SVN called 'common'
- Download the openssl source package from
  http://www.openssl.org/source/ and unzip it to SVN\common, then rename
  the folder from openssl-0.9.xx to openssl
- Download the zlib source from 
  http://www.gzip.org/zlib/ and unzip it to SVN\common\zlib
- The dictionary files should be placed in SVN\common\Spell
  Note: the names of the files are important! They have to be
  en_US.aff, en_US.dic, en_GB.aff and en_GB.dic.
- Checkout the TortoiseSVN sources from the Subversion repository into
- Download the tools to build the TSVN docs from 
  http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/files/documents/406/11147/Tools.zip and
  unzip them into SVN\TortoiseSVN\Tools\
- The build script also builds all the language packs, so you need the NSIS
  installer from http://nsis.sourceforge.net/.
- Make a copy of the file TortoiseVars.tmpl in the TSVN root folder and
  rename that copy to TortoiseVars.bat. Then simply adjust the paths as mentioned
  in that file.
- To compile the crashrpt project for TortoiseSVN, you'll need the WTL.
  You can get that library from here: http://wtl.sourceforge.net/
  Unzip it and then add the path to the VS.NET include path.

Now, if you got some time left you can run the build.bat script to compile
TortoiseSVN. Grab a cup of coffee - it can take up to two hours, depending on
how fast your computer is (on mine, it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes)!

Note: you may notice some compiler errors when the build script compiles 
Subversion. The errors you will see are:
> error C2065: 'SVN_FS_WANT_DB_MAJOR' : undeclared identifier
> error C2065: 'SVN_FS_WANT_DB_MINOR' : undeclared identifier
> error C2065: 'SVN_FS_WANT_DB_PATCH' : undeclared identifier
This is expected and you don't have to worry about that. The reason for those
erros is that TortoiseSVN builds the Subversion library twice. Once with 
all the ra-layers and all dbs, and once without those. The errors come
from that 'raw' build, but from libraries which aren't used in that build
anyway. Sure, the build script could just compile the libraries which
are really needed for that build, but it's much easier to just build the
whole solution instead of individual projects.
If you want to improve the build script to get rid of those errors, be our guest!
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