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Rev. 2210
Größe 1,671 Bytes
Zeit 2004-12-25 19:39:17
Autor stefankueng
Log Message

Add a file containing release instructions. Maybe with this I won't forget to increment the version number again.


- Check the latest versions of Apache, openssl, zlib, neon and of course
  download any newer versions available.
- increment the version number in the installer script
- increment the version number in the version.in file
- increment the version number in LanguagePack.nsi
- finish the changelog.txt file, i.e. add the version title
- run the build.bat script

if all goes well (no errors while running the script) install the new
version and test one last time.

while the script runs, move all the old files in the filesharing area
from the binaries folder to the binaries/archive folder.

- zip the files Languages\TortoiseProcLang.dll and 
  Languages\TortoiseMergeLang.dll to Languages_1.1.x.zip and upload that
  to the filesharing area on tigris.org.
- Change the link to the resource dlls in Languages\trans_foot.html and
  the text indicating the version number
- The file Languages\trans_head.html has a version number in it too

Now commit those changes and then create the tag in the repository

- run the build.bat script again

The last steps:
- rename the msi installer files to indicate the correct version number
- upload the msi files to the filesharing area on tigris.org
- edit the web files download.html, index.html, project_status.html to
  indicate the new release
- edit the file version.txt to match the exact version number of the release
- copy the new generated docs to the web docs folder
- commit the web pages

- Mail to dev@tortoisesvn.tigris.org, announce@tortoisesvn.tigris.org
- Add a news item on tigris.org
- Remember to include a link to the download page in the announcements.
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