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Rev. 23030
Größe 9,419 Bytes
Zeit 2012-06-24 04:51:52
Autor stefankueng
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Merged revision(s) r23023, r23024, r23027, r23028 from trunk:
* Check for empty icon file, and catch all exceptions when trying to load an icon file. (Fixes issue #346) : crash diffing invalid icon files
* Use an std::wstring for title and path instead of a fixed sized (MAX_PATH) buffer. (Fixes issue #347) : long paths crash TortoiseBlame
* before closing the merge wizard, always close the wc status thread. (Fixes issue #348) : crash closing merge wizard
* Allow downgrading language packs, and prevent the 32-bit packs from being installed on x64 OS. (Closes issue #349) : Language packs downgrade


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