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<title>How To Report Bugs</title>



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	<h1>Reporting Bugs</h1>
	Before you report a bug, please make sure you have completed the following steps:
		<li>Update to the current version. Reports for older versions will be ignored.</li>
		<li>Check the <a href="http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/svn/tortoisesvn/trunk/src/Changelog.txt">Changelog.txt</a>
		file from /trunk/ and see if your bug has already been fixed. (use 'guest' as username and '' as password)</li>
		<li>If possible, update to the latest nightly build and see if the bug is
		still there. You can find the link to the nightly builds on our 
		<a href="http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads">download</a> page.</li>
		<li>Check the mailing list archive. Maybe someone else already reported the
		same bug you're seeing, and if so that bug might be already fixed.</li>
		<li>Take a look in our 
		<a href="http://issues.tortoisesvn.net/index.php?tasks=&project=1&string=&type=&sev=&due=&dev=&cat=&status=all&date=0">issue tracker</a>
		to see if the bug has already been reported.</li>
		<li>If you've got a zip file from our crashreporting tool, send it to
		<i>crashreports</i>_at_<i>tortoisesvn.tigris.org</i>. Note that we don't 
		answer mails there. Other kinds of bugreports on that list will be
		deleted without being read.</li>
	<h2>How to report a bug</h2>
	There is a large number of TortoiseSVN users. There is a much small number of 
	people who actually develop TortoiseSVN. There is an even smaller number of 
	people who actively fix bugs reported by users.
	What does this mean for you, an aspiring bug reporter? In order to catch the 
	eye of one of these few <b>volunteers</b>, you'll need to take to heart a 
	few tips on how to report a bug so that they can and will help you.
	Take special note of that word in bold above. The people who are going to help 
	you with a bug you report are <b>volunteers</b>. Not only are you not paying 
	them to help you, but nobody else is either. So, be nice to them.
	Beyond that golden rule, what follows are some additional tips on ways to make 
	your bug report better so that someone will be able to help you.
	<h2>The basics: what you did, what you wanted to happen, and what actually happened.</h2>
	Those are the three basic elements of a bug report. You need to tell us exactly 
	what you did (for example, "I right-clicked on "make happy meal"), what you 
	expected to have happened (to continue the example, "I expected TortoiseSVN to 
	serve me a happy meal with a hamburger and onion rings"), 
	and what actually happened ("It gave me a happy meal with french fries.").
	Yes, the example is silly. But if your bug report simply said "The make_happy_meal 
	function doesn't work," you will very likely get a reply saying "It works fine for me",
	because we can't guess what you were expecting to happen. By giving all the information
	you might get a reply like "That's because you can't 
	have onion rings in a happy meal, you can only have french fries or curly fries." 
	By telling us what you asked for, what you expected to get, and what you 
	actually got, we don't have to guess what you mean.
	<h2>Only report one problem in each bug report</h2>
	If you have encountered two bugs that don't appear to be related, create a 
	new bug report for each one. This makes it easier for different people to help 
	with the different bugs.
	<h2>Where to send the report to?</h2>
	Bug reports must be mailed to our mailing list. You don't have to subscribe to
	the mailing list if you don't want to. You can read the mailing list from
	<a href="http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.subversion.tortoisesvn.devel">gmane</a>
	or <a href="http://svn.haxx.se/tsvn">haxx</a>
	Just make sure that if you're not subscribed to the mailing list that you ask
	in your bugreport to reply also directly to you, otherwise you won't get any
	answers to your report.
	Note: if you're not subscribed to the list, it may take up to a day until your
	mail appears on the mailing list. This is because we have to review mails from
	non-subscribers first and have to 'accept' them - we have to do this to prevent 
	SPAM from going to the list.
	So don't worry if you're not getting an answer right away, your mail <b>will</b>
	appear on the list, just give us some time.
	Now you're almost ready to send your bugreport. But before you do, please read
	our <a href="/list_etiquette.html">mailing list etiquette</a>. You will find
	the mail address of the mailing list on that page.
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