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Change all links to the issuetracker from http://tortoisesvn.net/issues to http://issues.tortoisesvn.net.


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<title>Issue Tracker</title>



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<div class="h2 app" id="customcontent">
	<h1>TortoiseSVN Issue Tracker</h1>
	<h2>Issue Tracker Guidelines</h2>
	<p>As TortoiseSVN continues to mature, and as it gains attention from
	   new users, folks will inevitably find bugs in, or come up with
	   enhancements that they would like to see made to, the software.
	   The TortoiseSVN community welcomes such requests for enhancements
	   and reports of bugs.  However, we ask that you follow a few
	   guidelines with respect to the issue filing process.</p>
	<div class="alert" style="color: red; font-weight: bold">
	<p>Before filing an issue in the Issue Tracker, please:</p>
	  <li>Make sure that you've read the <a href="http://tortoisesvn.net/support">TortoiseSVN documentation</a>,
		  and the <a href="http://svnbook.red-bean.com/">Subversion book</a> to verify 
				that you are using the software appropriately, and to determine if any 
				problems you are seeing are perhaps not bugs, but "pilot errors".</li>
	  <li>Search the <a href="/list_etiquette.html">mailing list</a>
		  if your problem has been discussed before</li> 
	  <li>Check out our <a href="http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/svn/tortoisesvn/trunk/src/Changelog.txt">changelog</a>
		  - maybe we have already fixed the bug you want to report or added the feature you're requesting.</li>     
	  <li>Send email to the <a href="/list_etiquette.html">development list</a>
		  fully describing the enhancement or bug that brought you here today.
		  That will give the community a chance to ask questions of you, so that
		  we can fully understand your concern.</li>
	  <li>Do you have permission from the developers to file an issue?</li>
	<p>When mailing the <a href="/list_etiquette.html">development list</a>
	   with a concern, make sure that
	   your e-mail describes your bug or enhancement fully.  Provide
	   details about the versions of the relevant software (TortoiseSVN,
	   Apache, neon, etc.) that you are using, about your windows version
	   , and about any other thing that might seem pertinent to the
	   issue.  If you can provide a script which consistently reproduces a
	   problem, that can be incredibly helpful to those evaluating and/or
	   working on your issue.</p>
	<p>After mailing the development list, you should expect your concern
	   to be addressed with relative immediacy.  That is, within a few
	   days, you should get feedback on your mail.  If indeed you have
	   found a new bug in TortoiseSVN, or if your enhancement request is
	   feasible, you will likely be asked to return here and file a new
	   issue in the Issue Tracker.</p>
	<h2>Enter the Issue Tracker</h2>
	<p>Before you proceed any further: do you have the permission of
	   at least one of the developers to file an issue?<br>
	   If you don't have the permission and you file an issue don't be
	   surprised if we get cranky!<br>
	   And so, with further ado, we give you the
	   TortoiseSVN <a 
	   Tracker</a>, to seach for an issue or you can jump to the List of <a
		 Open Issues</a> immediately.</p>
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