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Zeit 2008-03-22 17:38:21
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Update the screenshots on the website for the 1.5 version. Even though there is not yet an official 1.5 release, it won't hurt if users can already see what's coming.


<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

<style type="text/css"> /* <![CDATA[ */
  @import "/branding/css/tigris.css";
  @import "/branding/css/inst.css";
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<title>The Big Picture</title>



<!-- The class h2 is included on the main div, because the HTML which the
     server will wrap around the page includes a <div class="h2">.
     Thus, we include one here so that the page looks right when previewed
     locally, *but* we override the border which the CSS assigns to that
     style, so that we do not get two borders on the live page. -->
<div class="h2 app" id="customcontent">
	<a name="revisiongraph">
	<h3>Revision graph</h3>
	To see the complete history of a file or folder, you can either
	use the log dialog or you can have TortoiseSVN generate a graph
	for you. This graph shows all important (or all, if you really want)
	commits of the selected file/folder.
	<img alt="The revision graph" src="images/RevisionGraph.png">
	You can export that graph into many different image formats like jpeg/png/bmp/...
	or even the vector format wmf.
	You can also select two entries and compare them. If the item is a folder, you
	can then see all the files which have changed in between the selected revisions.
	If the selected item is a file, you will see both versions of that file side-by-side.
	<a name="statistics">
	When you check the log messages of a file or a folder, TortoiseSVN can
	use the information of those commits to create some statistics and graphs
	for you:
	<img alt="Statistics by author" src="images/StatsByAuthor.png">
	<img alt="Statistics by author" src="images/StatsByAuthPie.png">
	<img alt="Statistics by week" src="images/StatsByWeek.png">
	<a name="dirdiff">
	<h3>Comparing tags/branches</h3>
	Sometimes you want to see what has changed in between two releases, or what the
	difference is between your branch and the main developing line.
	There are several places where you can check those differences. One is mentioned
	above in the revision graph. Another is from the repository browser:
	First select the first branch/tag you want to compare, right-click and choose "Mark for comparison".
	Then select the second branch/tag you want to compare, right-click and choose "Compare URLs".
	This will bring up the directory diff dialog:
	<img alt="directory differences" src="images/DirectoryDiff.png">
	This dialog lists all the files and folders that have changed. Doubleclicking on a file
	will start TortoiseMerge (or whatever diff application you have configured TortoiseSVN 
	to use instead) so you can see <b>exactly</b> what has changed.
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