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Add separate pages for TortoiseMerge, TortoiseIDiff and TortoiseBlame.


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<title>TortoiseIDiff - See changes in image files</title>



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		Depending on your project, not all files which are under version
		control are text files. Most likely you will have images too, for
		example screenshots and diagrams for the documentation/helpfile.
		For those files it's not possible to use a common file diff tool,
		because they only work with text files and diff line-by-line.
		Here is where the Tortoise Image Diff tool (TortoiseIDiff) comes
		to the rescue. It can show two images side-by-side, or even
		show the images over each other alpha blended.
	<img alt="TortoiseIDiff with images side-by-side" src="images/TortoiseIDiffTwo.png">
	<img alt="TortoiseIDiff with images alpha-blended" src="images/TortoiseIDiffOne.png">
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