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Rev. 12675
Größe 9,047 Bytes
Zeit 2008-04-17 01:12:59
Autor stefankueng
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Update to Scintilla 1.76


# LexGen.py - implemented 2002 by Neil Hodgson neilh@scintilla.org
# Released to the public domain.

# Regenerate the Scintilla and SciTE source files that list
# all the lexers and all the properties files.
# Should be run whenever a new lexer is added or removed.
# Requires Python 2.4 or later
# Most files are regenerated in place with templates stored in comments.
# The VS .NET project file is generated into a different file as the
# VS .NET environment will not retain comments when modifying the file.
# The files are copied to a string apart from sections between a
# ++Autogenerated comment and a --Autogenerated comment which is
# generated by the CopyWithInsertion function. After the whole
# string is instantiated, it is compared with the target file and
# if different the file is rewritten.
# Does not regenerate the Visual C++ 6 project files but does the VS .NET
# project file.

import string
import sys
import os
import glob

# EOL constants
CR = "\r"
LF = "\n"
CRLF = "\r\n"
if sys.platform == "win32":
    # Yes, LF is the native EOL even on Mac OS X. CR is just for
    # Mac OS <=9 (a.k.a. "Mac Classic")

# Automatically generated sections contain start and end comments,
# a definition line and the results.
# The results are replaced by regenerating based on the definition line.
# The definition line is a comment prefix followed by "**".
# If there is a digit after the ** then this indicates which list to use
# and the digit and next character are not part of the definition
# Backslash is used as an escape within the definition line.
# The part between \( and \) is repeated for each item in the list.
# \* is replaced by each list item. \t, and \n are tab and newline.
def CopyWithInsertion(input, commentPrefix, retainDefs, eolType, *lists):
    copying = 1
    listid = 0
    output = []
    for line in input.splitlines(0):
        isStartGenerated = line.startswith(commentPrefix + "++Autogenerated")
        if copying and not isStartGenerated:
        if isStartGenerated:
            if retainDefs:
            copying = 0
            definition = ""
        elif not copying and line.startswith(commentPrefix + "**"):
            if retainDefs:
            definition = line[len(commentPrefix + "**"):]
            listid = 0
            if definition[0] in string.digits:
                listid = int(definition[:1])
                definition = definition[2:]
            # Hide double slashes as a control character
            definition = definition.replace("\\\\", "\001")
            # Do some normal C style transforms
            definition = definition.replace("\\n", "\n")
            definition = definition.replace("\\t", "\t")
            # Get the doubled backslashes back as single backslashes
            definition = definition.replace("\001", "\\")
            startRepeat = definition.find("\\(")
            endRepeat = definition.find("\\)")
            intro = definition[:startRepeat]
            out = ""
            if intro.endswith("\n"):
                pos = 0
                pos = len(intro)
            out += intro
            middle = definition[startRepeat+2:endRepeat]
            for i in lists[listid]:
                item = middle.replace("\\*", i)
                if pos and (pos + len(item) >= 80):
                    out += "\\\n"
                    pos = 0
                out += item
                pos += len(item)
                if item.endswith("\n"):
                    pos = 0
            outro = definition[endRepeat+2:]
            out += outro
            out = out.replace("\n", eolType) # correct EOLs in generated content
        elif line.startswith(commentPrefix + "--Autogenerated"):
            copying = 1
            if retainDefs:
    output = [line.rstrip(" \t") for line in output] # trim trailing whitespace
    return eolType.join(output) + eolType

def UpdateFile(filename, updated):
    """ If the file is different to updated then copy updated
    into the file else leave alone so CVS and make don't treat
    it as modified. """
        infile = open(filename, "rb")
    except IOError:	# File is not there yet
        out = open(filename, "wb")
        print "New", filename
    original = infile.read()
    if updated != original:
        out = open(filename, "wb")
        print "Changed", filename
    #~ else:
        #~ print "Unchanged", filename

def Generate(inpath, outpath, commentPrefix, eolType, *lists):
    """Generate 'outpath' from 'inpath'.

        "eolType" indicates the type of EOLs to use in the generated
            file. It should be one of following constants: LF, CRLF,
            CR, or NATIVE.
    #print "generate '%s' -> '%s' (comment prefix: %r, eols: %r)"\
    #      % (inpath, outpath, commentPrefix, eolType)
        infile = open(inpath, "r")
    except IOError:
        print "Can not open", inpath
    original = infile.read()
    updated = CopyWithInsertion(original, commentPrefix,
        inpath == outpath, eolType, *lists)
    UpdateFile(outpath, updated)

def Regenerate(filename, commentPrefix, eolType, *lists):
    """Regenerate the given file.

        "eolType" indicates the type of EOLs to use in the generated
            file. It should be one of following constants: LF, CRLF,
            CR, or NATIVE.
    Generate(filename, filename, commentPrefix, eolType, *lists)

def FindModules(lexFile):
    modules = []
    f = open(lexFile)
    for l in f.readlines():
        if l.startswith("LexerModule"):
            l = l.replace("(", " ")
    return modules

knownIrregularProperties = [

def FindProperties(lexFile):
    properties = set()
    f = open(lexFile)
    for l in f.readlines():
        if "GetProperty" in l:
            l = l.strip()
            if not l.startswith("//"):	# Drop comments
                propertyName = l.split("\"")[1]
                if propertyName.lower() == propertyName:
                    # Only allow lower case property names
                    if propertyName in knownIrregularProperties or \
                        propertyName.startswith("fold.") or \
    return properties

def ciCompare(a,b):
    return cmp(a.lower(), b.lower())

def RegenerateAll():

    # Find all the lexer source code files
    lexFilePaths = glob.glob(root + "scintilla/src/Lex*.cxx")
    lexFiles = [os.path.basename(f)[:-4] for f in lexFilePaths]
    print lexFiles
    lexerModules = []
    lexerProperties = set()
    for lexFile in lexFilePaths:
    lexerProperties = list(lexerProperties)

    # Find all the SciTE properties files
    otherProps = ["abbrev.properties", "Embedded.properties", "SciTEGlobal.properties", "SciTE.properties"]
    if os.path.exists(root + "scite"):
        propFilePaths = glob.glob(root + "scite/src/*.properties")
        propFiles = [os.path.basename(f) for f in propFilePaths if os.path.basename(f) not in otherProps]
        print propFiles

    Regenerate(root + "scintilla/src/KeyWords.cxx", "//", NATIVE, lexerModules)
    Regenerate(root + "scintilla/win32/makefile", "#", NATIVE, lexFiles)
    Regenerate(root + "scintilla/win32/scintilla.mak", "#", NATIVE, lexFiles)
    Regenerate(root + "scintilla/win32/scintilla_vc6.mak", "#", NATIVE, lexFiles)
    # Use Unix EOLs for gtk Makefiles so they work for Linux users when
    # extracted from the Scintilla source ZIP (typically created on
    # Windows).
    Regenerate(root + "scintilla/gtk/makefile", "#", LF, lexFiles)
    Regenerate(root + "scintilla/gtk/scintilla.mak", "#", NATIVE, lexFiles)
    Regenerate(root + "scintilla/macosx/makefile", "#", LF, lexFiles)
    if os.path.exists(root + "scite"):
        Regenerate(root + "scite/win32/makefile", "#", NATIVE, lexFiles, propFiles)
        Regenerate(root + "scite/win32/scite.mak", "#", NATIVE, lexFiles, propFiles)
        Generate(root + "scite/boundscheck/vcproj.gen",
         root + "scite/boundscheck/SciTE.vcproj", "#", NATIVE, lexFiles)

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