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Zeit 2008-02-10 01:04:50
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Update to version 1.75 of Scintilla.


// Scintilla source code edit control
/** @file Document.h
 ** Text document that handles notifications, DBCS, styling, words and end of line.
// Copyright 1998-2003 by Neil Hodgson <neilh@scintilla.org>
// The License.txt file describes the conditions under which this software may be distributed.

#ifndef DOCUMENT_H
#define DOCUMENT_H

namespace Scintilla {

 * A Position is a position within a document between two characters or at the beginning or end.
 * Sometimes used as a character index where it identifies the character after the position.
typedef int Position;
const Position invalidPosition = -1;

 * The range class represents a range of text in a document.
 * The two values are not sorted as one end may be more significant than the other
 * as is the case for the selection where the end position is the position of the caret.
 * If either position is invalidPosition then the range is invalid and most operations will fail.
class Range {
	Position start;
	Position end;

	Range(Position pos=0) :
		start(pos), end(pos) {
	Range(Position start_, Position end_) :
		start(start_), end(end_) {

	bool Valid() const {
		return (start != invalidPosition) && (end != invalidPosition);

	// Is the position within the range?
	bool Contains(Position pos) const {
		if (start < end) {
			return (pos >= start && pos <= end);
		} else {
			return (pos <= start && pos >= end);

	// Is the character after pos within the range?
	bool ContainsCharacter(Position pos) const {
		if (start < end) {
			return (pos >= start && pos < end);
		} else {
			return (pos < start && pos >= end);

	bool Contains(Range other) const {
		return Contains(other.start) && Contains(other.end);

	bool Overlaps(Range other) const {
		Contains(other.start) ||
		Contains(other.end) ||
		other.Contains(start) ||

class DocWatcher;
class DocModification;
class RESearch;

class Document {

	/** Used to pair watcher pointer with user data. */
	class WatcherWithUserData {
		DocWatcher *watcher;
		void *userData;
		WatcherWithUserData() {
			watcher = 0;
			userData = 0;

	enum charClassification { ccSpace, ccNewLine, ccWord, ccPunctuation };

	int refCount;
	CellBuffer cb;
	CharClassify charClass;
	char stylingMask;
	int endStyled;
	int styleClock;
	int enteredModification;
	int enteredStyling;
	int enteredReadOnlyCount;

	WatcherWithUserData *watchers;
	int lenWatchers;

	bool matchesValid;
	RESearch *pre;
	char *substituted;

	int stylingBits;
	int stylingBitsMask;

	int eolMode;
	/// Can also be SC_CP_UTF8 to enable UTF-8 mode
	int dbcsCodePage;
	int tabInChars;
	int indentInChars;
	int actualIndentInChars;
	bool useTabs;
	bool tabIndents;
	bool backspaceUnindents;

	DecorationList decorations;

	virtual ~Document();

	int AddRef();
	int Release();

	int LineFromPosition(int pos);
	int ClampPositionIntoDocument(int pos);
	bool IsCrLf(int pos);
	int LenChar(int pos);
	bool InGoodUTF8(int pos, int &start, int &end);
	int MovePositionOutsideChar(int pos, int moveDir, bool checkLineEnd=true);

	// Gateways to modifying document
	void ModifiedAt(int pos);
	void CheckReadOnly();
	bool DeleteChars(int pos, int len);
	bool InsertString(int position, const char *s, int insertLength);
	int Undo();
	int Redo();
	bool CanUndo() { return cb.CanUndo(); }
	bool CanRedo() { return cb.CanRedo(); }
	void DeleteUndoHistory() { cb.DeleteUndoHistory(); }
	bool SetUndoCollection(bool collectUndo) {
		return cb.SetUndoCollection(collectUndo);
	bool IsCollectingUndo() { return cb.IsCollectingUndo(); }
	void BeginUndoAction() { cb.BeginUndoAction(); }
	void EndUndoAction() { cb.EndUndoAction(); }
	void SetSavePoint();
	bool IsSavePoint() { return cb.IsSavePoint(); }

	int GetLineIndentation(int line);
	void SetLineIndentation(int line, int indent);
	int GetLineIndentPosition(int line) const;
	int GetColumn(int position);
	int FindColumn(int line, int column);
	void Indent(bool forwards, int lineBottom, int lineTop);
	static char *TransformLineEnds(int *pLenOut, const char *s, size_t len, int eolMode);
	void ConvertLineEnds(int eolModeSet);
	void SetReadOnly(bool set) { cb.SetReadOnly(set); }
	bool IsReadOnly() { return cb.IsReadOnly(); }

	bool InsertChar(int pos, char ch);
	bool InsertCString(int position, const char *s);
	void ChangeChar(int pos, char ch);
	void DelChar(int pos);
	void DelCharBack(int pos);

	char CharAt(int position) { return cb.CharAt(position); }
	void GetCharRange(char *buffer, int position, int lengthRetrieve) {
		cb.GetCharRange(buffer, position, lengthRetrieve);
	char StyleAt(int position) { return cb.StyleAt(position); }
	int GetMark(int line) { return cb.GetMark(line); }
	int AddMark(int line, int markerNum);
	void AddMarkSet(int line, int valueSet);
	void DeleteMark(int line, int markerNum);
	void DeleteMarkFromHandle(int markerHandle);
	void DeleteAllMarks(int markerNum);
	int LineFromHandle(int markerHandle) { return cb.LineFromHandle(markerHandle); }
	int LineStart(int line) const;
	int LineEnd(int line) const;
	int LineEndPosition(int position);
	int VCHomePosition(int position);

	int SetLevel(int line, int level);
	int GetLevel(int line) { return cb.GetLevel(line); }
	void ClearLevels() { cb.ClearLevels(); }
	int GetLastChild(int lineParent, int level=-1);
	int GetFoldParent(int line);

	void Indent(bool forwards);
	int ExtendWordSelect(int pos, int delta, bool onlyWordCharacters=false);
	int NextWordStart(int pos, int delta);
	int NextWordEnd(int pos, int delta);
	int Length() const { return cb.Length(); }
	void Allocate(int newSize) { cb.Allocate(newSize); }
	long FindText(int minPos, int maxPos, const char *s,
		bool caseSensitive, bool word, bool wordStart, bool regExp, bool posix, int *length);
	long FindText(int iMessage, unsigned long wParam, long lParam);
	const char *SubstituteByPosition(const char *text, int *length);
	int LinesTotal() const;

	void ChangeCase(Range r, bool makeUpperCase);

	void SetDefaultCharClasses(bool includeWordClass);
	void SetCharClasses(const unsigned char *chars, CharClassify::cc newCharClass);
	void SetStylingBits(int bits);
	void StartStyling(int position, char mask);
	bool SetStyleFor(int length, char style);
	bool SetStyles(int length, char *styles);
	int GetEndStyled() { return endStyled; }
	void EnsureStyledTo(int pos);
	int GetStyleClock() { return styleClock; }
	void IncrementStyleClock();
	void DecorationFillRange(int position, int value, int fillLength);

	int SetLineState(int line, int state);
	int GetLineState(int line) { return cb.GetLineState(line); }
	int GetMaxLineState() { return cb.GetMaxLineState(); }

	bool AddWatcher(DocWatcher *watcher, void *userData);
	bool RemoveWatcher(DocWatcher *watcher, void *userData);
	const WatcherWithUserData *GetWatchers() const { return watchers; }
	int GetLenWatchers() const { return lenWatchers; }

	bool IsWordPartSeparator(char ch);
	int WordPartLeft(int pos);
	int WordPartRight(int pos);
	int ExtendStyleRange(int pos, int delta, bool singleLine = false);
	bool IsWhiteLine(int line) const;
	int ParaUp(int pos);
	int ParaDown(int pos);
	int IndentSize() { return actualIndentInChars; }
	int BraceMatch(int position, int maxReStyle);

	CharClassify::cc WordCharClass(unsigned char ch);
	bool IsWordStartAt(int pos);
	bool IsWordEndAt(int pos);
	bool IsWordAt(int start, int end);

	void NotifyModifyAttempt();
	void NotifySavePoint(bool atSavePoint);
	void NotifyModified(DocModification mh);

 * To optimise processing of document modifications by DocWatchers, a hint is passed indicating the
 * scope of the change.
 * If the DocWatcher is a document view then this can be used to optimise screen updating.
class DocModification {
  	int modificationType;
	int position;
 	int length;
 	int linesAdded;	/**< Negative if lines deleted. */
 	const char *text;	/**< Only valid for changes to text, not for changes to style. */
 	int line;
	int foldLevelNow;
	int foldLevelPrev;

	DocModification(int modificationType_, int position_=0, int length_=0,
		int linesAdded_=0, const char *text_=0, int line_=0) :
		foldLevelPrev(0) {}

	DocModification(int modificationType_, const Action &act, int linesAdded_=0) :
		foldLevelPrev(0) {}

 * A class that wants to receive notifications from a Document must be derived from DocWatcher
 * and implement the notification methods. It can then be added to the watcher list with AddWatcher.
class DocWatcher {
	virtual ~DocWatcher() {}

	virtual void NotifyModifyAttempt(Document *doc, void *userData) = 0;
	virtual void NotifySavePoint(Document *doc, void *userData, bool atSavePoint) = 0;
	virtual void NotifyModified(Document *doc, DocModification mh, void *userData) = 0;
	virtual void NotifyDeleted(Document *doc, void *userData) = 0;
	virtual void NotifyStyleNeeded(Document *doc, void *userData, int endPos) = 0;


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