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Zeit 2016-12-18 16:13:08
Autor csware
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NULL -> nullptr and minor cleanups


// TortoiseIDiff - an image diff viewer in TortoiseSVN

// Copyright (C) 2006-2010, 2012-2016 - TortoiseSVN

// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
// modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
// as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
// of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.

// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
// 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
#pragma once
#include <CommCtrl.h>
#include "BaseWindow.h"
#include "TortoiseIDiff.h"
#include "Picture.h"
#include "NiceTrackbar.h"

#define HEADER_HEIGHT 30


#define LEFTBUTTON_ID           101
#define RIGHTBUTTON_ID          102
#define PLAYBUTTON_ID           103
#define BLENDALPHA_ID           105
#define BLENDXOR_ID             106
#define SELECTBUTTON_ID         107

#define TRACKBAR_ID 101
#define SLIDER_HEIGHT 30
#define SLIDER_WIDTH 30

#ifndef GET_X_LPARAM
#define GET_X_LPARAM(lp)                        ((int)(short)LOWORD(lp))
#ifndef GET_Y_LPARAM
#define GET_Y_LPARAM(lp)                        ((int)(short)HIWORD(lp))

 * \ingroup TortoiseIDiff
 * The image view window.
 * Shows an image and provides methods to scale the image or alpha blend it
 * over another image.
class CPicWindow : public CWindow
    CPicWindow() : CWindow(nullptr) {}
    CPicWindow(HINSTANCE hInstance, const WNDCLASSEX* wcx = nullptr) : CWindow(hInstance, wcx)
        , bValid(false)
        , nHScrollPos(0)
        , nVScrollPos(0)
        , picscale(100)
        , transparentColor(::GetSysColor(COLOR_WINDOW))
        , pSecondPic(nullptr)
        , blendAlpha(0.5f)
        , bShowInfo(false)
        , nDimensions(0)
        , nCurrentDimension(1)
        , nFrames(0)
        , nCurrentFrame(1)
        , bPlaying(false)
        , pTheOtherPic(nullptr)
        , bLinkedPositions(true)
        , bFitWidths(false)
        , bFitHeights(false)
        , bOverlap(false)
        , m_blend(BLEND_ALPHA)
        , bMainPic(false)
        , bFirstpaint(false)
        , nVSecondScrollPos(0)
        , nHSecondScrollPos(0)
        , startVScrollPos(0)
        , startHScrollPos(0)
        , startVSecondScrollPos(0)
        , startHSecondScrollPos(0)
        , hwndTT(0)
        , hwndLeftBtn(0)
        , hwndRightBtn(0)
        , hwndPlayBtn(0)
        , hwndSelectBtn(0)
        , hwndAlphaToggleBtn(0)
        , hLeft(0)
        , hRight(0)
        , hPlay(0)
        , hStop(0)
        , hAlphaToggle(0)
        , m_linkedWidth(0)
        , m_linkedHeight(0)
        , bDragging(false)
        , bSelectionMode(false)
        SetWindowTitle(L"Picture Window");
        m_lastTTPos.x = 0;
        m_lastTTPos.y = 0;
        m_wszTip[0]   = 0;
        m_szTip[0]    = 0;
        ptPanStart.x = -1;
        ptPanStart.y = -1;
        m_inforect.left   = 0;
        m_inforect.top    = 0;
        m_inforect.right  = 0;
        m_inforect.bottom = 0;

    enum BlendType
    /// Registers the window class and creates the window
    bool RegisterAndCreateWindow(HWND hParent);

    /// Sets the image path and title to show
    void SetPic(const tstring& path, const tstring& title, bool bFirst);
    /// Returns the CPicture image object. Used to get an already loaded image
    /// object without having to load it again.
    CPicture * GetPic() {return &picture;}
    /// Sets the path and title of the second image which is alpha blended over the original
    void SetSecondPic(CPicture* pPicture = nullptr, const tstring& sectit = L"", const tstring& secpath = L"", int hpos = 0, int vpos = 0)
        pSecondPic = pPicture;
        pictitle2 = sectit;
        picpath2 = secpath;
        nVSecondScrollPos = vpos;
        nHSecondScrollPos = hpos;

    void StopTimer() {KillTimer(*this, ID_ANIMATIONTIMER);}

    /// Returns the currently used alpha blending value (0.0-1.0)
    float GetBlendAlpha() const { return blendAlpha; }
    /// Sets the alpha blending value
    void SetBlendAlpha(BlendType type, float a)
        m_blend = type;
        blendAlpha = a;
        if (m_AlphaSlider.IsValid())
            SendMessage(m_AlphaSlider.GetWindow(), TBM_SETPOS, (WPARAM)1, (LPARAM)(a*16.0f));
        InvalidateRect(*this, nullptr, FALSE);
    /// Toggle the alpha blending value
    void ToggleAlpha()
        if( 0.0f != GetBlendAlpha() )
            SetBlendAlpha(m_blend, 0.0f);
            SetBlendAlpha(m_blend, 1.0f);

    /// Set the color that this PicWindow will display behind transparent images.
    void SetTransparentColor(COLORREF back) { transparentColor = back; InvalidateRect(*this, nullptr, false); }

    /// Resizes the image to fit into the window. Small images are not enlarged.
    void FitImageInWindow();
    /// center the image in the view
    void CenterImage();
    /// forces the widths of the images to be the same
    void FitWidths(bool bFit);
    /// forces the heights of the images to be the same
    void FitHeights(bool bFit);
    /// Sets the zoom factor of the image
    void SetZoom(int Zoom, bool centermouse, bool inzoom = false);
    /// Returns the currently used zoom factor in which the image is shown.
    int GetZoom() {return picscale;}
    /// Zooms in (true) or out (false) in nice steps
    void Zoom(bool in, bool centermouse);
    /// Sets the 'Other' pic window
    void SetOtherPicWindow(CPicWindow * pWnd) {pTheOtherPic = pWnd;}
    /// Links/Unlinks the two pic windows
    void LinkPositions(bool bLink) {bLinkedPositions = bLink;}
    /// Sets the overlay mode info
    void SetOverlapMode(bool b) {bOverlap = b;}

    void ShowInfo(bool bShow = true) { bShowInfo = bShow; InvalidateRect(*this, nullptr, false); }
    /// Sets up the scrollbars as needed
    void SetupScrollBars();

    bool HasMultipleImages();

    int GetHPos() {return nHScrollPos;}
    int GetVPos() {return nVScrollPos;}
    void SetZoomValue(int z) { picscale = z; InvalidateRect(*this, nullptr, FALSE); }

    void SetSelectionMode(bool bSelect = true) { bSelectionMode = bSelect; }
    /// Handles the mouse wheel
    void                OnMouseWheel(short fwKeys, short zDelta);
    /// the message handler for this window
    LRESULT CALLBACK    WinMsgHandler(HWND hwnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam);
    /// Draws the view title bar
    void                DrawViewTitle(HDC hDC, RECT * rect);
    /// Creates the image buttons
    bool                CreateButtons();
    /// Handles vertical scrolling
    void                OnVScroll(UINT nSBCode, UINT nPos);
    /// Handles horizontal scrolling
    void                OnHScroll(UINT nSBCode, UINT nPos);
    /// Returns the client rectangle, without the scrollbars and the view title.
    /// Basically the rectangle the image can use.
    void                GetClientRect(RECT * pRect);
    /// Returns the client rectangle, without the view title but with the scrollbars
    void                GetClientRectWithScrollbars(RECT * pRect);
    /// the WM_PAINT function
    void                Paint(HWND hwnd);
    /// Draw pic to hdc, with a border, scaled by scale.
    void                ShowPicWithBorder(HDC hdc, const RECT &bounds, CPicture &pic, int scale);
    /// Positions the buttons
    void                PositionChildren();
    /// advance to the next image in the file
    void                NextImage();
    /// go back to the previous image in the file
    void                PrevImage();
    /// starts/stops the animation
    void                Animate(bool bStart);
    /// Creates the trackbar (the alpha blending slider control)
    void                CreateTrackbar(HWND hwndParent);
    /// Moves the alpha slider trackbar to the correct position
    void                PositionTrackBar();
    /// creates the info string used in the info box and the tooltips
    void                BuildInfoString(TCHAR * buf, int size, bool bTooltip);
    /// adjusts the zoom to fit the specified width
    void                SetZoomToWidth(long width);
    /// adjusts the zoom to fit the specified height
    void                SetZoomToHeight(long height);

    tstring             picpath;            ///< the path to the image we show
    tstring             pictitle;           ///< the string to show in the image view as a title
    CPicture            picture;            ///< the picture object of the image
    bool                bValid;             ///< true if the picture object is valid, i.e. if the image could be loaded and can be shown
    int                 picscale;           ///< the scale factor of the image in percent
    COLORREF            transparentColor;   ///< the color to draw under the images
    bool                bFirstpaint;        ///< true if the image is painted the first time. Used to initialize some stuff when the window is valid for sure.
    CPicture *          pSecondPic;         ///< if set, this is the picture to draw transparently above the original
    CPicWindow *        pTheOtherPic;       ///< pointer to the other picture window. Used for "linking" the two windows when scrolling/zooming/...
    bool                bMainPic;           ///< if true, this is the first image
    bool                bLinkedPositions;   ///< if true, the two image windows are linked together for scrolling/zooming/...
    bool                bFitWidths;         ///< if true, the two image windows are shown with the same width
    bool                bFitHeights;        ///< if true, the two image windows are shown with the same height
    bool                bOverlap;           ///< true if the overlay mode is active
    bool                bDragging;          ///< indicates an ongoing dragging operation
    BlendType           m_blend;            ///< type of blending to use
    tstring             pictitle2;          ///< the title of the second picture
    tstring             picpath2;           ///< the path of the second picture
    float               blendAlpha;         ///<the alpha value for transparency blending
    bool                bShowInfo;          ///< true if the info rectangle of the image should be shown
    TCHAR               m_wszTip[8192];
    char                m_szTip[8192];
    POINT               m_lastTTPos;
    HWND                hwndTT;
    bool                bSelectionMode;     ///< true if TortoiseIDiff is in selection mode, used to resolve conflicts
    // scrollbar info
    int                 nVScrollPos;        ///< vertical scroll position
    int                 nHScrollPos;        ///< horizontal scroll position
    int                 nVSecondScrollPos;  ///< vertical scroll position of second pic at the moment of enabling overlap mode
    int                 nHSecondScrollPos;  ///< horizontal scroll position of second pic at the moment of enabling overlap mode
    POINT               ptPanStart;         ///< the point of the last mouse click
    int                 startVScrollPos;    ///< the vertical scroll position when panning starts
    int                 startHScrollPos;    ///< the horizontal scroll position when panning starts
    int                 startVSecondScrollPos;  ///< the vertical scroll position of the second pic when panning starts
    int                 startHSecondScrollPos;  ///< the horizontal scroll position of the second pic when panning starts
    // image frames/dimensions
    UINT                nDimensions;
    UINT                nCurrentDimension;
    UINT                nFrames;
    UINT                nCurrentFrame;

    // controls
    HWND                hwndLeftBtn;
    HWND                hwndRightBtn;
    HWND                hwndPlayBtn;
    HWND                hwndSelectBtn;
    CNiceTrackbar       m_AlphaSlider;
    HWND                hwndAlphaToggleBtn;
    HICON               hLeft;
    HICON               hRight;
    HICON               hPlay;
    HICON               hStop;
    HICON               hAlphaToggle;
    bool                bPlaying;
    RECT                m_inforect;

    // linked image sizes/positions
    long                m_linkedWidth;
    long                m_linkedHeight;
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