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tomoyo-test1: Zusammenfassung des Repository

This is a test repository.

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Rev. Zeit Autor Nachricht
79c8ca5 2019-10-16 05:53:35 Tetsuo Handa master Revert "printk: Monitor change of console loglevel." Thi...
23641a0 2019-10-07 19:41:10 Tetsuo Handa printk: Monitor change of console loglevel. This patch d...
703dc05 2019-10-07 18:39:00 Tetsuo Handa Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
da0c9ea 2019-10-07 06:27:30 Linus Torvalds Linux 5.4-rc2
b212921 2019-10-07 05:53:27 Linus Torvalds elf: don't use MAP_FIXED_NOREPLACE for elf executable map...
7cdb85d 2019-10-07 03:10:15 Linus Torvalds dma-mapping regression fix for 5.4-rc2 - revert an i...
43b815c 2019-10-06 09:18:43 Linus Torvalds ARM: SoC fixes A few fixes this time around: - Fi...
2d00aee 2019-10-06 04:56:59 Linus Torvalds Kbuild fixes for v5.4 - remove unneeded ar-option an...
126195c 2019-10-06 04:53:27 Linus Torvalds SCSI fixes on 20191004 Twelve patches mostly small bu...
4f11918 2019-10-06 04:03:27 Linus Torvalds Merge branch 'readdir' (readdir speedup and sanity checki...


Name Rev. Zeit Autor Nachricht
master 79c8ca5 2019-10-16 05:53:35 Tetsuo Handa Revert "printk: Monitor cha...


Linux kernel

There are several guides for kernel developers and users. These guides can
be rendered in a number of formats, like HTML and PDF. Please read
Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst first.

In order to build the documentation, use ``make htmldocs`` or
``make pdfdocs``.  The formatted documentation can also be read online at:


There are various text files in the Documentation/ subdirectory,
several of them using the Restructured Text markup notation.

Please read the Documentation/process/changes.rst file, as it contains the
requirements for building and running the kernel, and information about
the problems which may result by upgrading your kernel.
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