The ThreadDB database library provides a multithreaded, file mapped container manager. It allows to extend the capabilites of the C++ standard containers to efficiently manage large volumes of application data way beyond of the real system memory.

While memory mapping provides a powerful means of manging large volumes of data in an efficient way it has certain restrictions to be considered. One is the limited support for dynamically increasing files. There are only few really portable ways to achieve this by the cost of reduced throughput performance. Another is the limitation of the virtual address space on 32bit Systems. Here the maximum filesize may not exceed 2Gbyte.
ThreadDB overcomes these limitations by loading only those portions of data in the process address space really required at a time.


The ThreadDB library and header files are available as simple .zip or .tar.gz files for Windows and Linux respectively. After downloading the package unzip the package using e.g. WinZip, 7-Zip or u... Show How to Install


To utilize ThreadDB in your application it is first necessary to identify the type of data which should be stored. In general one has to separate between fixed and variable length data items. For f... Show Usage


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