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2019-05-09 07:38
From Forum Help [#80031] [forum: 80031] I'm trying to use Sylpheed (3.6) with Win 10 (since Claws Mail creates trou...
2016-09-19 07:00
The passwords of the mailboxes are unfortunately stored unencrypted in the "accountrc" file. This is a big security r...
2014-08-20 03:07
Thank you for a nice and useful program ;-) I believe I have found 1 bug. Using the filter on a news group, trying ...
2012-09-18 10:02
Sylpheed-3.2.0 If you open a 'Message Source' window for the current email message being viewed there is no access t...
2012-04-13 22:50
Cannot use send->email in programs like libraoffice - (btw this works correctly in thunderbird) version 3.2 beta 7 a...

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2020-07-14 12:07

Perfect. Lightweight in the extreme, has all the necessary features but none....

2020-03-16 20:18

Simple and it works. Not for the heavy user. Then the use of emails are dimi....

2019-05-09 07:43

great, wish it had internal web browser view so the external browser don't h....

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