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2021-01-20 07:40
https://osdn.net/projects/hengband/ticket/41188 上のチケットに大量の荒らし書き込みが入りました。 スパム報告付き削除を...
2020-09-14 18:15
Hello, Is there support for python 3? My intention is to use the shell server as an API server , I need to install ma...
2020-05-07 13:51
Is there an import feature to pull in issues from another hosting service, or from a CSV dump or something? I am look...
2020-04-30 18:07
Is there a way to version the wiki via e.g. mercurial so one could handle wiki the same way as source code? I found ...
2020-04-06 10:53
Hello, I am a Maintainer at Manjaro ARM Project, I am not able to upload the Release Image files directly. I am getti...


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