SparkyLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution created on the top of Debian GNU/Linux operating system.

Sparky is fast, lightweight and fully customizable OS built around the Openbox window manager offering versions for different users and different tasks.

Sparky is in-between the distros that are beginner-friendly and those, that require some amount of Linux knowledge. Beginning Linux users are advised to consult the project forums regarding any issues or doubts.


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2020-07-14 17:28
Rezensionen von Plinux

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If you look for a stable and multi-desktop environement installable debian distro, dont search anymore. Download sparky MINIMAL (1GB) and update the installer from the live system. After install reboot & start Sparky "APTus". You will find the WORLD!! :) (this app update ALL, install and remove software ecc...ecc..)
Stable & with all the option to configure the Desktop and the System.

2020-04-22 13:45
Rezensionen von maxxl

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Great for older Hardware! Installed it on an Netbook from 2009 without any problems. Performs like in 2009 ;-)

2019-12-16 10:02
Rezensionen von bat9

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