Shastra OS is a Arch Linux based Operating System build for Web 3 users. It is currently in development process. Shastra comes with gnome to give batter gnome flavor with various open source theme options. It is a handy desktop built for professionals who just want to leave other OS like Windows. We are currently providing Brave Browser as a default browser. But also eager to provide beaker browser soon. Shastra comes with its own repository including many useful packages like Visual Studio Code, GIMP, Blender and much more. Packages from Official Arch repository can be installed using pacman and AUR packages using pamac install. It also comes with pamac GUI installer named as Add/Remove software. We are also going to provide Wallet manager and other useful web 3 appications.


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2022-07-19 02:32
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I loved its interface. Comes with latest packages and pure Arch Linux.

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