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Tuleap Open ALM™ is the first Enterprise Grade Open Source & Libre Application Lifecyle Management (ALM) solution (aka Software Forge).

It provides organization with integrated, effective and secured tools that help software development management and collaboration. Project planning, issue tracking, version control, contiunous integration, code review, delivery & document management, communication tools.

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2016-10-05 20:46
Rezensionen von Speedy

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Tuleap is by far the best tool I ever met for managing software at large. Project management, collaboration, code under control, automation, etc.
One tool to do everything: Bug tracking, agile management, code control, code reviews, test management, delivery, continuous integration, etc. And all integrated together (delivery linked to requirements for example) is unique in the world! I'm very surprised by the bad comments... I assume the bad comments related to the database scheme is because the person did not understand the concept behind Tuleap. The high flexibility and ability to customize Tuleap Trackers implies a meta model for the DB. You do not see the actual or direct data you use in your bug tracker for example. To access to the data, use the REST API. It is fully documented and very practical. No need to write embedded join queries. The API does it for you ;-) AFAIK, Tuleap is also a tool which is used by large companies with thousands of users on a same one platform. This seems to be pretty efficient regarding CPU usage. Tuleap is open source.
User interface is perfectible. Contributors say they are working on it though. And the latest changes shows it goes to the right direction.

2016-10-04 19:49
Rezensionen von Annika

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We are using Tuleap to manage our projects in our Company, we chosed it because it looked like a well developed OpenSource Project. But it turned out that it got the most worse code and database structure i ever saw in 15 years of Software Development. 0 code Comments, 0 code documentation. Just setting a value in a Artifact of a Tracker is a nightmare, struggling down into objects that are in the need for alot of other objects. Why do i need a Layout object just to set the Value of an integer field value? Why cant i just get a an array with all the informations that are viewable At the end we endet with writing our own SQL querys, and even this is horrible because there are tons of doubled and trippled redundant datasets. Artifact data are spread all over 20 tables, just to get 1 value of 1 artifact, you need to make querys with 5 or more Joins. CPU is burning in big busy projects with more than 100 users. So, if you just want to use it, than this is fairly okay, but if you want to make some modifications to the code: hands off!
Feature Rich and Okay to use.
Terrible Code base. (no comments or docu)