SQLeo is a (small < 1MB) SQL Query builder that permits to create or display complex sql queries as Access (Microsoft query) do and permits to reverse engineer database models as db designers do.

This GUI supports virtually all JDBC drivers: tested with ODBC bridge, Oracle, Mysql, Firebird, HSQLDB, Postgresql, CsvJdbc, SQLite, UCanAccess, MonetDB ...

Starting with version 2014.01, public executable of query builder is limited to 3 tables per graph. Full featured version will be reserved for donators.

Can be compared with : FreeQueryBuilder (SQLeonardo ancestor), SQuirreL SQL, Active Query Builder, Flyspeed, Oracle SQLdeveloper, Toad, DbVisualizer, brio query, SQLyog, MySQL Workbench, Navicat, Aqua Data Studio, RazorSQL ...

- Online html help and Videos
- Help (en,fr,it) in html, pdf, docx, ...
- javadoc

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does the stuff it has been built for.