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Restful Web Service adapter for the NextBus prediction and transit network reporting service. This implementation uses XSD Schema, JAXB and a domain object model to decouple the consuming application from the over-the-wire representation of the data. NextBus is currently providing real-time bus data in several major metro transit agencies including, but not limited to MBTA (Boston), Toronto, Seattle, Brooklyn, Staten Island as well as a number of University towns. In additional to the standalone Adapter, an Enterprise Service Bus pump and demonstration subscription client are available for those interested in Asynchronous integration of the transit feed.


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nextbus-logger-1.0.2-RELEASE.jar 8.6 MB 2013-12-10 23:14 6
nextbus-jms-pump-1.0.2-RELEASE.jar 5.7 MB 2013-12-10 23:08 10
nextbus-adapter-1.0.2-RELEASE.jar 128.9 KB 2013-12-10 23:02 14
nextbug-logger-ddl.sql.sql 1.2 KB 2012-10-02 06:54 18
NextbusESBDemo.pdf 320.6 KB 2012-10-02 06:50 38
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nextbus-logger-1.0.2-RELEASE.jar8.6 MB2013-12-10 23:146
nextbug-logger-ddl.sql.sql1.2 KB2012-10-02 06:5418
nextbus-logger-1.0.1-RELEASE.jar9.3 MB2012-09-27 00:3111
nblogger.properties1.2 KB2012-09-27 00:286
log4j.properties0.5 KB2012-09-27 00:283
nextbus-jms-pump-1.0.2-RELEASE.jar5.7 MB2013-12-10 23:0810
nbpumper.properties1.7 KB2012-09-27 00:338
log4j.properties0.5 KB2012-09-27 00:339
nextbus-adapter-1.0.2-RELEASE.jar128.9 KB2013-12-10 23:0214
nextbus-adapter-1.0.1-RELEASE-javadoc.jar494.3 KB2012-09-27 00:2214
nextbus-adapter-1.0.1-RELEASE.jar129.3 KB2012-09-27 00:216
nextbus-adapter-beanshelled-1.0.1-RELEASE.jar369.7 KB2012-09-27 00:216
nbpumper.properties1.1 KB2012-07-17 01:584
Nextbus-Beanshell-Howto.txt3.1 KB2012-06-04 12:095
NextbusESBDemo.pdf320.6 KB2012-10-02 06:5038
NextbusPumpGettingStarted.pdf145.0 KB2012-09-09 05:3231
NextBusXMLFeed.pdf399.8 KB2012-06-01 06:0030
README-NextbusAPI.txt2.1 KB2012-06-04 12:278
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PredictionGroupandPredictions.png8.4 KB2012-06-03 13:574
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CoreDomainClasses.png13.1 KB2012-06-03 13:578