Internet - Multi Server Control Panel (i-MSCP) is an open source project founded to build a Web-based control panel intended to personal and professional usage.


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2018-09-01 12:21
Rezensionen von open sauce

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I have been using version 1.2.9 for several years, and find imscp to be one of the better open sauce control panels available, but I only use for personal sites because imscp are very 'closed shop', i.e. they don't seem to like outsiders very much. They do a range of free and paid plugins, but you can only purchase plugins if you're a member of their forum, but you can only become a member if you are a developer willing to assist. You cannot even get support unless you can contribute to development. It's sad but true. I've tried so many times to sign up at their forum, not only to make feature requests or report bugs, but also to purchase plug-ins, but its not possible. It basically means that unless you're one of the chosen few, you cannot create a panel that is suitable for customers. If you check their fourms, you'll notice there are only a few members, that's because they don't let you sign up. I think it's one of the very few panels that could be suitable for customers, if only they would be less closed about their project. Great for personal sites, with limitations, no good for selling hosting as you cannot add modules to it without being a forum member, and you cannot be a forum member unless you're a developer. Crazy.

2011-09-26 09:46
Rezensionen von Anonym

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Great software