Building blocks, small demo apps, and pieces of sample code.

All can be used to take a look how things can be done in Gambas, not with the idea to supply a product or a finished program. The sourcecode can easily be run from Gambas (2) on Linux. Although some are small programs that are in use as they appear here, no warranty is given.

SimpleDemo contains more complete apps that can be used to demonstrate a working Gambas program. Database is often needed.

SimpleSample is more a small piece of sample code as a reminder how gambas works or how something can be done.

Empty project is an example of how you can start with some things in place already; just copy the code to any new project, more templates might appear.

Hope to make a compilation soon to download onto your laptop before holiday, but not ready yet.

Feedback is welcomed of course, bugs might be corrected if you mention them in the bug list.

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