Enigma is a completed top down zombie survival game written in Java when Tristan and I were just sixteen years old.

I co-wrote the game with Tristan Homsi as a final assignment for our grade 10 class. If I remember correctly, we were given two weeks to work on the final. Tristan and I started early in the year and worked on it for months before the final was even assigned. The game got us our 100% and certainly impressed our fellow classmates.

When we look back at Enigma, we realize that when we started it, we knew next to nothing about object orientation, inheritance or the lack of efficiency of some of the techniques that we were using. Throughout the time we spent on it, doing extensive external research on topics such as pathfinding, raytracing, and rendering, we learned quite a bit about the Java API, programming in general with various techniques and how to do them efficiently, and last but not least, how to work as a team.


Betriebssystem: Windows 7, Windows NT/2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP


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