RebornOS is a distribution based on Arch Linux

It starts as an Antergos bifurcation, offering more options during its installation, based on the Antergos cnchi installer, using the latter's repository, and one of its own.

Once the development of Antergos is finished, RebornOS becomes an independent distribution, no longer depending on the Antergos repository, but on its own repository (besides, of course, the Arch Linux repositories).

It currently offers a calamares-based installer.


Die Systemvoraussetzungen sind nicht definiert

Veröffentlicht: 2020-05-12 20:31
RebornOS 2020.05.12 (2 files Verstecken)



New installer with:
Linux Kernel 5.6.11 Gnome 3.36.2

Default extensions used:
Dash to panel
KStatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support

Installation environments offered:
(1). Base install

(1). Budgie
(2). Cinnamon
(3). Deepin
(4). GNOME
(5). i3
(6). KDE
(7). LXQt
(8). MATE
(9). Openbox
(10). Pantheon
(11). XFCE

Installation options offered:
(1). Adds accessibility packages
(2). Applications to Perform System Mainetnance
(3). Arch User Repository (AUR) Support
(4). Bluetooth Support
(5). Broadcom Driver Support
(6). Chromium Web Browser
(7). Common Photo editing Programs for Linux
(8). Common Video Editing Programs for Linux
(9). Desktop Email Client (Thunderbird)
(10). Dropbox
(11). Firefox Developer Edition
(12). Firefox Web Browser
(13). FreeOffice
(14). Google Chrome
(15). Hardware Analysis
(16). Kernel (LTS version)
(17). LibreOffice
(18). Mycroft
(19). Nautilus File Manager
(20). Nemo File Manager
(21). Opera Web Browser
(22). Popular Games for Linux
(23). Power Saving
(24). Printing Support
(25). QOwnNotes
(26). Redshift
(27). Run Windows Programs on Linux
(28). Spell Check
(29). Spotify
(30). Steam + PlayonLinux
(31). Support for Firewire Devices
(32). Vivaldi Web Browser
(33). VLC
(34). Wallpapers Cycler
(35). Windows Sharing SMB
(36). WPS Office

NOTE: LibreOffice, Firefox, Firefox for Developers, and Thunderbird will also install the language packs, which will correspond to the language chosen during the installation process.

(1). The Gnome installation has a customization.
(2).The Cinnamon installation comes with the default Mint-Y theme.
(3). UFW is installed by default, even though it is turned off. To run it look for GUFW (the shortcut to GUFW has been fixed in this installer).
(4). EarlyOOM is activated by default.


In this version it is no longer available:

(1). Apricity
(2). Enlightenment
(3). Windows (Cinnamon looking Windows)

NOTE: These desktops have problems, and because they are difficult to keep up to date, they are removed from the installer.