Update to RUM (Reborn Updates and Maintenance)
2020-02-25 11:46 (by keeganmilsten)

This new release (version 4.0) contains the following new features:

(1) A new tab to manage and test SDDM and LightDM themes, including setting one or the other as default on your computer. Basically, Display Manager Management

(2) A new settings interface that allows you to have RUM's advanced tasks to be run in your favorite terminal. Just select your terminal and it will use it when performing operations such as downgrade[[BR]]

(3) A brand new rollback functionality! Now you can rollback your entire system to a previous date - all with the click of one single button. This will revert ALL packages to that date and freeze them there until you decide otherwise. Imagine how helpful this could be if you apply updates, reboot, and then realise that some latest update has completely broken a game you play! Or maybe even DRM videos in Firefox (that happened just last week...)

(4) The entire code has been restructured underneath to not only take up LESS space for you (only ~1 MB I think), but also to allow you to use RUM on ANY Arch Linux derivitive! Have a computer running vanilla Arch? Or even Manjaro? RUM can now be installed via our Gitlab page and used there (Gitlab page for RUM: https://gitlab.com/reborn-os-team/reborn-updates-and-maintenance)

In order to use the new version, RebornOS users need only update their systems. As for non-RebornOS users, simply download this file:



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