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New installer available: RebornOS-2020.05.25-x86_64.iso (2020-05-29 22:50 by rafael-uy #85082)

New installer available: RebornOS-2020.05.25-x86_64.iso

NOTE: From this version on, the installer uses the new "cosmic" file format implemented by RebornOS. It is important to note that the rest of the installers will no longer be operational once the old cosmic files are removed from our repositories, so it is recommended to download this one.

The cosmic files of RebornOS are the tool that allows the installer to know what to use and, in addition, once in the final systems, allows the user to count on the improvements that RebornOS adds from now on, since they are in charge of maintaining the system updated with the last added modifications.

If you have RebornOS already installed and you want to use these new files, you can read how to proceed in the following document in our Wiki:

If you wish to continue without the changes, your system will continue to work, but you will not get the improvements and changes that RebornOS implements.

RebornOS has the following official download sites

Our OSDN download page: Our download page on Sourceforge: From our servers: Server 1: Server 2:

The download links are as follows:

From our server 1: ISO: Torrent:

From our server 2: ISO: Torrent:

From OSDN: ISO: Torrent:

From Sourceforge: ISO: Torrent:

Hash: RebornOS-2020.05.25-x86_64.iso:

MD5: 609f245ae0111837b1976c39d7842ee6
SHA1: 54f12376a75954f2d2b7ae48b8e3889adfa6f316
SHA256: 69ee32f63588cecb22919a487a2567f7eb7e25edf103fab1af188b5820ed3d87

MD5: e8427f459a18517fd302f238467a88ae
SHA1: e90180cb90f8964892db45d510aa84d9d176a5b9
SHA256: 0e10908e79f093beed5adfe484dc1cad70080eb16cea86df56e34369f0d128d7

We also have a trial version of this same installer with a kernel for Macbook, which can be downloaded at the moment only from OSDN (there is no torrent for this version):

Download from OSDN: ISO:

Hash: RebornOS-Mac-2020.05.25-x86_64.iso:
MD5: 6d5bf0e8015b14fbdf1fa9b803865c4b
SHA1: bea9f4413ee3b25bfe42f2bbd2e41b667b1a4406
SHA256: ae3aaafb405a5d1c9794676176b26ece1cb6cf22d454a076f844e22f92af7928