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How to implement error correction algorithm (2010-08-12 00:06 by Kent Lichty #52442)

The company I work for is trying to develop a QRCode encoder, and I am having much difficulty in developing the algorithm that generates the Reed Solomon error correction codes. Although the mathematics are explained in the ISO document about QR Codes, it is too complicated for me to understand, and I am trying to find some existing Java classes that will implement the algorithm for me.

It looks like the code in your open source project clearly does implement the algorithm to develop the error correction codes, but I cannot figure out exactly how to use it. Specifically, while it looks like the RsEncode class is the primary class that does the error correction encoding, I cannot find any other classes that reference it.

Could anybody tell me (in general) how to implement the algorithm to generate the Reed Solomon error correction codes? I would really appreciate it.

You can e-mail me directly at:

Thanks very much.

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