Combinatorial testing tool PictMaster.

This is an Excel based, free software called PictMaster, which automatically creates test cases for the combinatorial testing of the software on Excel.

PICT, which is free software from Microsoft that ...


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Veröffentlicht: 2013-12-08 17:23
PictMaster English version 5.7.3E (1 files Verstecken)


Some feature improvements have been added.


Feature improvements
(1) Checks that PICT has been installed when the "Run" button is clicked.
(2) The shortcut menu is enabled in the sub-models column.
(3) If both "Show statistical information" and "Show model file" are selected in the settings, a model file appears and then statistical information will be displayed.
(4) When "Generate with specified coverage" is selected in the settings, the test cases will be generated with a random seed.
(5) When "Generated with the specified seed" is selected in the settings, the seed value will be displayed in the statistical information on the right side.
(6) Ensured compatibility with VBA 8 and later versions.