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Arch Base Installation Framework 2.x series

A generic offline installer for Arch-based ISOs. Feel free to use it for your distribution.


  • Seamless BIOS and UEFI Support
  • Configured to use translation files
  • Easy customisation / basic configuration
  • Supports LUKS (LUKS, LUKS on LVM, and LVM on LUKS), LVM, and btrfs (including special mounting)
  • Create multiple users
  • Built-in error detection

Basic Assumptions

  • dialog must be installed
  • Boot menus assume Grub, Syslinux, and systemd-boot are installed
  • Default partitioning tools are gparted, cfdisk, and parted
  • wipe must be installed for the "secure wipe" option
  • xed is used to edit files
  • You will need to add your own post-configuration code for DMs, and specific files
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