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Here I make MIDI related softwares and libraries.

  • Sekaiju : MIDI sequencer software.
  • MIDITester : MIDI controller and keyboard software.
  • Auto Drum : Automatic drum peformance software.
  • MIDISelector : MIDI mapper selection software.
  • MIDIIOLibrary(DLL) : MIDI message input and output library.
  • MIDIDataLibrary(DLL) : MIDI data createing and editing library.
  • MIDIClockLibrary(DLL) : MIDI clock measurement library.
  • MIDIStatusLibrary(DLL) : MIDI module status keeping library.
  • MIDIInstrumentLibrary(DLL) : MIDI Instrument definition file library.

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2015-04-20 17:37
Rezensionen von Giorgio

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I'm using Sekaiju 4.4. It is great!.
All the main features It works great with external MIDI devices to Record & Play and in Sync mode. It works pretty well.
Nothing noticeable. Web Page informs you that for English you need to manually change it because it is defaulted to Japanese. A question (radio button for example) on first run may fix this, but is not important because the whole software is working like a charm.

2015-04-01 23:48
Rezensionen von Tuxinet

(1 von 1 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
A MIDI editor. Nothing fancy, but it's got every one really needs.
Needs little ressource. Quick and efficient.
Nothing I can think of.

2012-08-21 15:01
Rezensionen von Anonym

(3 von 3 Personen fanden diese Bewertung hilfreich)
Great MIDI sequencer, getting better with each new release.

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