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Rev. Zeit Autor
r100 2014-02-10 20:37:27 nishimoto

updated devDocs

r99 2014-02-07 20:18:44 nishimoto

updates for 2014.1

r98 2014-02-07 14:00:30 nishimoto

updated changes for 2014.1

r97 2014-01-05 22:30:25 nishimoto

added devDocs.ja.po

r96 2014-01-02 19:15:54 nishimoto

updated instantTranslate.ja.po

r95 2013-12-31 20:11:05 nishimoto

translated by Haruka Kaneko

r94 2013-12-29 20:24:41 nishimoto

modified and committed as srt rev 13713

r93 2013-12-29 00:53:56 dream945

Google speech recognition addon translation by Kuyo

r92 2013-12-11 10:52:01 nishimoto

added google speech recognition addon (not yet translated)

r91 2013-12-09 10:02:18 nishimoto

ja: userGuide.t2t recent changes and haruka's contributions

r90 2013-12-08 07:40:46 nishimoto

website instantTranslate

r89 2013-12-08 07:40:04 nishimoto

updated userGuide.

r88 2013-11-07 13:33:48 nishimoto

fixed changes.t2t

r87 2013-11-04 22:11:12 nishimoto

removed nkf32.dll because nkf.exe does not depend on this.

r86 2013-11-04 22:00:10 nishimoto

added lv.hlp and nkf32

r85 2013-11-02 21:30:42 nishimoto

updated changes and userGuide. English files are added as well.

r84 2013-11-01 11:46:40 nishimoto

updated userGuide.t2t

r83 2013-10-28 00:27:59 dream945

by kuyo

r82 2013-10-27 21:15:00 nishimoto

added lv.exe and _lv. see http://ja.nishimotz.com/lv

r81 2013-10-25 13:00:01 nishimoto

added userGuide.t2t

r80 2013-10-11 18:52:57 nishimoto

working version of changes.t2t

r79 2013-09-25 16:00:31 nishimoto

added sandbox

r78 2010-05-07 19:15:33 (del#38309)


本家NVDA Projectの Revision3493を動作させるための関連パッケージです。

r77 2010-03-04 10:30:30 (del#38309)

NVDA Projectの更新

Revision: 3599
Author: bzr
Date: 14:34:04, 2010年2月22日
Updated hungarian what's new,
Updated finnish what's new,
Updated galician language file, quick command keys, what's new,
Updated slovak what's new.

Revision: 3600
Author: bzr
Date: 10:11:05, 2010年2月24日
what's new: Add entry about improved support for live regions in Mozilla apps which seems to have been overlooked somehow. Sorry translators.

Revision: 3601
Author: bzr
Date: 16:02:05, 2010年2月24日
Updated finnish and slovak what's new.

Revision: 3602
Author: bzr
Date: 19:54:04, 2010年2月24日
NVDAObjects.IAccessible.sysTreeView32.BrokenCommctrl5Item constructor: Ensure that _uiaObj is set (even if it is None) before calling super, as the base NVDAObject constructor calls event_NVDAObject_init which may call properties on our instance. If _uiaObj is not set, this causes an AttributeError. We can't set _uiaObj to the focused UIA element before calling super because we need info from IAccessible, so we still have to do this after. Nasty chicken and egg situation. Fixes exceptions when, for example, typing into the filter field of the Elements List dialog.

Revision: 3603
Author: bzr
Date: 17:38:04, 2010年2月25日
* Miranda32 appModule: support of automatic message reading in the srmm plugin.

Revision: 3604
Author: bzr
Date: 11:46:05, 2010年3月1日
miranda32 app module: event_NVDAObject_init(): Don't assume an object is IAccessible without other checks, as Miranda also presents standard Windows dialogs that might contain UIA objects. Hopefully fixes !#580.

Revision: 3605
Author: bzr
Date: 12:04:04, 2010年3月2日
logHandler: It seems that we sometimes incorrectly log non-unicode strings containing non-ascii characters, which causes UnicodeDecodeErrors. Therefore, convert messages to unicode before logging and gracefully handle decoding errors, logging a debugWarning when they occur. Aside from stopping the exceptions, this should also help us track down the misbehaving code.

Revision: 3606
Author: bzr
Date: 15:11:05, 2010年3月2日
Updated french language file, user guide, quick command keys,
Updated brazilian portuguese language file.

Revision: 3607
Author: bzr
Date: 11:51:06, 2010年3月3日
logHandler: It seems that _ctypes.FormatError, which is used by ctypes.WinError and COMError, returns the message in ANSI instead of unicode. this means that we're going to get non-unicode log messages and exception tracebacks whether we like it or not. Therefore, subclass Formatter and convert the entire string to unicode at that point, using mbcs and just replacing all errors. Don't bother to log if characters have to be replaced, as we can't do anything about it. Fixes !#581.

r76 2010-03-01 10:59:24 (del#38309)



r75 2010-02-22 15:25:09 (del#38309)

NVDA Projectの更新

Revision: 3575
Author: bzr
Date: 11:08:05, 2010年2月17日
nvdaHelper SCons files: make our custom msrpc builder in to a proper SCons tool and place it in our site_scons\site_tools dir as msrpc.py.

Revision: 3576
Author: bzr
Date: 11:32:04, 2010年2月17日
Make sure that the input library for nvdaControllerClient (nvdaControllerClient32.lib or nvdaControllerClient64.lib) properly points to the correctly named dll (e.g. nvdaControllerClient32.dll for nvdaControllerClient32.lib). Previously both 32 and 64 bit libs were pointing to nvdaControllerClient.dll, which did not exist.
Specific changes:
*Remove the LIBRARY statement from nvdaControllerClient.def. Link seems to cope fine with out it, producing no warnings, yet still properly exports all listed functions and uses the real name of the dll.
*Remove special code in client\sconscript that handled dependency tracking of the .def file and the addition of the \def: switch to LINKFLAGS. It seems that the SharedLibrary builder from the msvc SCons tool is much smarter than I thought; providing a .def file as one of the source files automatically uses the .def file properly (i.e. adds it with a \def: switch).

Revision: 3577
Author: bzr
Date: 14:59:05, 2010年2月17日
Updated finnish language file, what's new,
Updated italian language file, language strings for the NVDA installer, readme,
Updated spanish language file, language strings for the NVDA installer, user guide, what's new, quick command keys,
Updated hungarian language file, what's new.

Revision: 3578
Author: bzr
Date: 9:07:05, 2010年2月18日
Replace the nvdaController interface with a slightly better one, fixing a few issues.
Note that this does completely break any nvdaControllerClient dll compiled before this change. We figure its better to do this now before the beta rather than after.
*Make sure that the interface name in the acf exactly matches the name in the idl. Makes sure that midl really will use the acf declarations.
*Remove nvdaController_getNVDAVersionString. The implementation would most likely crash the app who called it, or at least cause memory leaks. Perhaps in future we'll reimplement a new one, though its arguments would definitely have to change some what, as the caller will have to allocate a buffer first, rather than leaving it up to the server -- this does not work.
*Move nvdaController_testIfRunning to the top of the method list. This change is really just to make the header \ future documentation look more understandable.
*Change the GUID of nvdaController so as to make sure that older clients do not successfully connect to the interface, as if they did calling any of the methods would now cause a crash or other unexpected results due to method removal\reorder.

Revision: 3579
Author: bzr
Date: 9:07:06, 2010年2月18日
MSRPC SCons tool:
*Allow for providing a .acf file as one of the sources. The builder will now make sure that \acf is inserted before each .acf that appears in the resulting commandline. We use an action generator to do this.
*The build emitter was accidentilly using the first source file as the base for all target names. It now uses the first target if it exists, else it falls back to the first source.

Revision: 3580
Author: bzr
Date: 9:07:07, 2010年2月18日
nvdaHelper SCons files:
No longer use an sconscript file to compile the nvdaController interface by itself. Instead, have each component that needs it generate the RPC Stubs with the MSRPC tool by themselves. The advantage of this is that each component can control compiler parameters for compiling the nvdaController stubs on their own. E.g. the client library could choose a prefix for each nvdaController method more suited to what it needs.
Its also one less thing we need to carry around in the top-level sconstruct file.

Revision: 3581
Author: bzr
Date: 9:07:08, 2010年2月18日
MSRPC SCons tool:
*Allow configuring of the prefix for method names with the construction variables MSRPCStubs_prefix, MSRPCStubs_serverPrefix and MSRPCStubs_clientPrefix.
*Allow to disable the creation of either the client stub, or the server stub, with the construction variables MSRPCStubs_noClient or MSRPCStubs_noServer respectivly.

Revision: 3582
Author: bzr
Date: 9:07:09, 2010年2月18日
nvdaHelper SCons files:
*No longer use an sconscript file to generate the vbuf RPC stubs. Instead let each component that needs the stubs generate them themselves with the MSRPCStubs builder.
*All components that generate vbuf or nvdaController RPC stubs now make use of the new MSRPCStubs construction variables to configure the method name prefix, or to disable the creation of server stubs or client stubs if they are not needed. E.g. Local can disable server stubs for vbuf as it does not need them.

Revision: 3583
Author: bzr
Date: 9:07:10, 2010年2月18日
Move inputLangChangeNotify out of the nvdaController interface and in to an new interface called nvdaControllerInternal.
The goal from now on is to keep the nvdaController interface as clean as possible, and only add functions that are easy to use, and are needed by other app developers.
nvdaControllerInternal on the other hande could be changed as much as we like, or even removed or replaced with another one, as nvdaHelperRemote.dll and nvdaHelperLocal.dll always are shipped together. Unlike nvdaControllerClient, which apps may be using copies of from prior releases of NVDA to the one the user is currently running.

Revision: 3584
Author: bzr
Date: 10:36:04, 2010年2月18日
nvdaHelper: add local\nvdaControllerInternal.c to revision control... forgot to do it previously.

Revision: 3585
Author: bzr
Date: 11:05:04, 2010年2月18日
Fix typo in nvdaHelper's remote\vbufRemote.cpp -- was including the wrong file.

Revision: 3586
Author: bzr
Date: 12:08:03, 2010年2月18日
nvdaHelper.nvdaControllerInternal_inputLangChangeNotify: again ignore layout changes that happen with in 0.2 seconds of each other. We could do this time filtering in-process, though it would still be possible for there to be changes from separate processes at the same time, which that would not fix... at least with out shared memory. At least this code has always worked in the past... we may as well stick with it.

Revision: 3587
Author: bzr
Date: 15:10:04, 2010年2月18日
Updated french language file,
Updated galician language strings for the NVDA installer.

Revision: 3588
Author: bzr
Date: 16:29:04, 2010年2月18日
Changes to make nvdaController local to the desktop NVDA is running on. This fixes a bug where nvdaControllerClient didn't work if NVDA had already been started on another desktop or another session, before the current copy of NVDA had been started.
Also some other code cleanup.
*Add winIPCUtils, which contains a function: getNVDAControllerNcalrpcEndpointString, which can calculate an appropriate ncalrpc port name, that has the current session Id and desktop name encoded in the string.
*Make sure all nvdaHelper code that creates an rpc client binding, or sets the nvdaController server protocol, uses getNVDAControllerNcalrpcEndpointString, so that nvdaControllerClient and nvdaHelperRemote can speak to a running NVDA on the same desktop.
*nvdaControllerInternal interface: the implicit binding handle must be called nvdaControllerInternalBindingHandle, not nvdaControllerBindingHandle.
*Initialize the nvdaController and nvdaControllerInternal binding handles in nvdaHelperRemote's dllMain. Previously nvdaHelperRemote's ia2LiveRegions initialization \ termination code was initializing the nvdaControllerBindingHandle, and the nvdaControllerInternalBinding handle wasn't being initialized at all.

Revision: 3589
Author: bzr
Date: 9:40:05, 2010年2月19日
Update bzr ignores.

Revision: 3590
Author: bzr
Date: 9:40:07, 2010年2月19日
Certain standard tree view controls in 64 bit applications (e.g. the Contents tree view in Microsoft HTML Help) are now accessible. (#473)

Revision: 3591
Author: bzr
Date: 10:41:04, 2010年2月19日
nvdaHelper remote inputLangChange: inputLangChange_callWndProcHook(): Use KL_NAMELENGTH for the buffer supplied to GetKeyboardLayoutName() instead of hard-coding 1024.

Revision: 3592
Author: bzr
Date: 10:41:05, 2010年2月19日
Update eSpeak dependency to 1.43.

Revision: 3593
Author: bzr
Date: 12:15:05, 2010年2月19日
synth drivers: Before !#311 was implemented, the default minimum step for numeric settings was 1, but the settings ring used a step of 5 or 10, depending on the setting. !#311 changed this so that numeric settings had a default minimum step of 5. This means that moving by 1 is impossible, even in the Voice Settings dialog. These changes fix this regression.
* NumericSynthSetting: Add normalStep (used by the settings ring) and LargeStep (used by pageUp\pageDown on sliders in the Voice Settings dialog).
* Change the ring and dialog accordingly.
* SynthDriver: Minimum steps for all common settings now default to 1.
* audiologic synth driver: Set step values as they were in 2009.1.
* Corrected and updated code documentation while i was at it. :)
Fixes !#566.

Revision: 3594
Author: bzr
Date: 14:42:05, 2010年2月19日
mshtml vbuf backend: Handle cases where the style textDecoration property contains multiple values; e.g. "underline line-through". Fixes some rare "ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token)" exceptions in mshtml buffers. Closes !#567.

Revision: 3595
Author: bzr
Date: 18:51:05, 2010年2月19日
* NVDAHelper: make use of stack-alocated arrays where appropriate, since this is safier and slightly more readable.

Revision: 3596
Author: bzr
Date: 21:14:05, 2010年2月19日
NVDAObjects.IAccessible.sysTreeView32: Woops. The UIA NVDAObject can't be imported if UIA isn't available, so make this import conditional. Fixes broken tree views on systems without the UIA client API.

Revision: 3597
Author: bzr
Date: 18:20:04, 2010年2月21日
* miranda32 appModule: make use of braille when focus changes. It's better to query focus event instead, but core devs decided to put it after the release. Closes !#568.

r74 2010-02-22 12:13:52 (del#38309)



r73 2010-02-18 13:32:24 (del#38309)

日本語化プロジェクトの更新 <NVDAJP-IME>

2月16日のコードレビューの成果。現在漢字の変換候補が取り出せるのはMSIME2002 V8.1のみ。

* Windows XP環境が必要

1. NVDAを起動した後、「コントロールパネル」→「地域と言語のオプション」を表示させる
2. 「言語」タブに移動し、「テキストサービスと入力言語」を開く
3. 「規定の言語」を「日本語 - Microsoft IME Standard Ver.8.1」に設定する
4. 「詳細設定」タブに移動し、「詳細なテキストサービスをオフにする」チェックボックスのチェックをはずす
5. 「詳細なテキスト サービスのサポートをプログラムのすべてに拡張する」のチェックボックスをチェックする
6. 「OK」を押し、さらに「地域と言語のオプション」の設定を適用する
7. メモ帳などを開き、IMEを使って文字列を入力する
8. 変換キーまたはスペースキーを押し、文字列を変換する(4回目の変換意向、変換候補の漢字をNVDAが読み上げる)

r72 2010-02-16 17:20:53 (del#38309)



r71 2010-02-16 17:14:39 (del#38309)

NVDA Projectの更新

Revision: 3561
Author: bzr
Date: 15:03:07, 2010年2月13日
Completely new code to handle notification of input locale / keyboard layout changes.
Now NVDA reports (in both speech and braille) the correct full name of the layout, and the full language.
For example: ”Layout united States Dvorak, Language English (Australian)” was previously only announced as ”US keyboard layout”.

Specific changes:
*nvdaController interface add a inputLangChangeNotify method, which takes a hkl as returned from GetKeyboardLayout, and a layout name string (hex) as returned from GetKeyboardLayoutName, as arguments.
*nvdaHelperRemote: the inputLangChange hook now passes appropraite info to nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify, rather than firing a custom winEvent.
*nvdaHelper.py: implement nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify. This function looks up the localized name of the layout in the registry using the layout hex string. It also fetches the name for the locale identified in the hkl. Then it reports this information via ui.message.
*nvdaHelper.py and keyboardHandler.py: remove old code that is no longer needed.

*changes to nvdaHelper mean it must be recompiled.
*There are some new strings that must be translated.

Anyone who uses multiple keyboard layouts please test this thurrally. Please report any issues.

Revision: 3562
Author: bzr
Date: 17:25:05, 2010年2月13日
nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify: take a thread ID as first argument. nvdaHelper.nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify: ignore any change from threads other than the input thread (thread of the foreground window).

Revision: 3563
Author: bzr
Date: 19:55:05, 2010年2月13日
nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify: woops, hkl should be unsigned. One of the most important things I was trying to fix in the first place.

Revision: 3564
Author: bzr
Date: 10:25:04, 2010年2月14日
Due to feedback and closeness to the beta, make things a little more simple for the keyboard layout changes.
Only report the layout, never the language. It seems, at least for keyboard input, the input language has no actual meaning. E.g. US keyboard layout for English Australian is identical to US keyboard layout for English (US).
In regards then to what has actually been fixed due to all the recent keyboard layout code changes:
*alturnitive keyboard layouts than the default one for the language are now reported correctly, rather than just causing an exception. E.g. switching to United States Dvorak used to cause an exception.
*Keyboard layout changes are now reported also in braille, not just speech.

Revision: 3565
Author: bzr
Date: 10:33:03, 2010年2月14日
keyboardHandler: only pause / unpause speech with the shift keys. Previously Control also paused (now it stops like other keys).

Revision: 3566
Author: bzr
Date: 10:33:04, 2010年2月14日
Update English What's new.

Revision: 3567
Author: bzr
Date: 14:39:05, 2010年2月14日
nvdaHelper.nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify: do not filter out input lang changes based on whether they're not in the active thread, as this stops them even in Windows 7 dos consoles. The older code never filtered at all, so I guess there's no need for it for now. Unless people in the future report hearing major double speaking. Though that could only happen if the keyboard layout changed for many applications all at once.

Revision: 3568
Author: bzr
Date: 14:49:05, 2010年2月15日
Updated french language file,
Updated croatian language file,
Updated finnish language file and what's new,
Updated polish language file, language strings for the NVDA installer and added what's new,
Updated slovak language file and what's new.

Revision: 3569
Author: bzr
Date: 16:36:07, 2010年2月15日
Updated traditional language file.

Revision: 3570
Author: bzr
Date: 0:51:05, 2010年2月16日
* IA2 live regions: fix a little memory leak.

Revision: 3571
Author: bzr
Date: 1:40:04, 2010年2月16日
speech: Add REASON_FOCUSENTERED which now gets used by event_focusEntered instead of calling speakObjectProperties directly. Aside from being cleaner (isolating this code to speech), this also means that settings such as report object descriptions are honoured for focus entered.

Revision: 3572
Author: bzr
Date: 1:40:05, 2010年2月16日
speech: Don't speak table row/column counts unless the user is explicitly querying (REASON_QUERY). Don't speak row/column numbers if reporting of tables is disabled.

Revision: 3573
Author: bzr
Date: 15:02:11, 2010年2月16日
Updated slovak what's new.

Revision: 3574
Author: bzr
Date: 15:10:02, 2010年2月16日
*Split out the code that converts a layout hext string to a real name in nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify in to a new function: _lookupKeyboardLayoutNameWithHexString and slightly rewrite for better handling of logic.
*_lookupKeyboardLayoutNameWithHexString: If we can't find the 'Layout Display name' registry value, use the 'Layout Text' registry value instead.
*nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify: if layoutString is None, try making our own layout string out of hkl. Its possible that we can still find a reg key for it. Example: some hex strings starting with 0xE are not picked up by GetKeyboardLayoutName, possibly because they have no Layout Display Name, yet they do have Layout Text.
*nvdaController_inputLangChangeNotify: If we can't get a name from the layout string, try using part of the layout string instead (e.g. use the first 4 characters as a lang ID for the default layout for that language.

These changes should make NVDA more successfull in finding the names for some IME layouts.

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